Friday, December 21, 2012

Passing the time in Minneapolis

Well we decided we would go back home for Christmas this year after Chill's parents offered that as our Christmas gift.  We were excited to go but had NO idea that is was going to be nearly impossible to get there!  We had had perfect weather all winter and everything was fine up until the night before we left.  A blizzard came in and we were stuck in Rochester.  We had planned to fly out of Rochester because it is so easy and convenient but when the weather is bad the airport shuts down and that was our luck.  Long story short is we were supposed to fly out on the morning of December 20th and after cancelled flights and some craziness the next flight was on the afternoon of the 22nd and we had to fly out of Minneapolis which meant drive an hour and a half  and pay for parking for 9 days as opposed to a 20 minutes drive to our little Rochester airport.  We decided we could NOT sit around for 2 days just waiting to leave so we packed everyone up in the car and drove to Minneapolis to find something fun to do.  We ended up staying at a hotel with a small indoor water park.  The kids had a great time.  They thought the hotel was awesome and they LOVED swimming.  It definitely kept everyone happy while we waited to get out of town.  I wish I could say that flying home was smooth sailing but it wasn't.  It was pure chaos the entire day.  We had to fly from Minneapolis to Memphis and then from Memphis to Salt Lake.  The only positive thing about the entire day was that all three kids were absolute angels on both flights!  It was a long day with a stressed out mommy but they did amazing!  We finally made it to Salt Lake the night of the 22nd and got off the plane and ran for event to event for a week.  We had a great time.


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Julia M. said...

Having just flown from SLC to MSP, I will ONLY ever do nonstop flights. And it was just me and baby Ruby. I have NO Idea how you did it with 3 children in tow. You are a superstar. I'm sad we missed you while you were here! I will see you this summer for sure!

Max is just beautiful. I want to kiss his face!