Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tree and a Turkey

The few days after Thanksgiving we went out at got a tree.  Our entire married life we have cut down a tree for our house, but this year was a little different.  We didn't know where you could go to cut down a tree so instead we drove the mile down the street and bought a tree in the Walmart parking lot from the Lions Club.  They had great trees so we were happy with our purchase.  We brought it home and set it right up.   The best part was there was a cute little nest in the tree.  Carson thought that was pretty cool.  Carson took it upon himself to start decorating the tree because he was so excited!. 

We also decided that we wanted more thanksgiving food so we went out and bought a turkey and cooked it the following day and did a mini thankgiving dinner with just our family.  We are used to having leftovers from our families, but this year we had none so we took matters into our own hands.  That was the first turkey we cooked and it turned out pretty good!  I was pretty proud of us!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Obviously Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year.  We are used to just being with our families and enjoying time with everyone, but this was our first year away from home.  We got a lot of very nice offers from families we have met to join them.  We felt very loved and cared for that is for sure.  We spent Thanksgiving at our friends the Ormsby's.  Chill and Wayne (Ormsby) work together and are in the same program.  Chill also went to high school with Wayne's wife Haley and graduated the same year although they did not know each other.  Small World.  We had been over to their house once before for dinner.  Chill spent the morning hanging the rest of the Christmas light  while I made some food.  We had such a great time.  There were a few other families there as well that we got to get to know which was a lot of fun.  Although things were different this year, they were good.  The food and the company were great and it was nice for me to get out of the house and feel somewhat normal after having a baby!  Sad news is I only have a couple of pictures.  I held Max the entire time while he slept so taking pictures was not in the cards!


Friday, November 9, 2012


Well thankfully my mom was in town for an entire week after the rest of my family left.  Man was I glad to have her there.  It was so nice for Carson and Bailey to have her attention while I sat and nursed Max on the couch all day long.  Nothing better than having mom there to help.  She was so cute with the kids.  She even made Christmas cookies with them because she knew we probably won't have time to when we are in town and she loves to make cookies with the kids during Christmas time.  I of course ate most of the cookies myself, but we don't need to talk about that.  The day mom left was okay.  We both cried for a minute, but I knew everything was going to be okay.  The kids were of course sad and Carson called for her in the house a few times and then said...oh yeah grandma went home.  Life was back to normal very quickly.  Life is good now, just very very busy.  Trying to meet the demands of every child is a bit of a challenge, but we are doing it.  Carson and Bailey are trying so hard to be patient and they are doing a good job for the most part.  They do love having this little guy in our home and they can't wait until he can interact with them. 

Carson came up with the idea that he needed sponges on his feet so he could mop the floor.  This kept him busy for quite some time!

Beautiful flowers from the Hemotology/Oncology Program

Prepping the work surface!

Bailey is always putting little toys all around Max when he sleeps.

Our little Ninja Turtle.  Someone is a little obsessed right now.

Monday, November 5, 2012

First Appointment

We had to take Max in for his 4 day check up.  I guess they do that here.  It was so nice having my mom in town because I could just cruise by myself to the doctor and Chill met me there.  Of course Max peed all over me first thing when we got back into the room, but he is just so darn cute I didn't even care.  He of course cried when the doctor checked him out I'm sure because he was cold, but he looked great and there were no concerns. 

Weight:  8lbs 2 oz (53%)
Length: 20.3 inches (63%)
Head:  36.3 cm (53%) 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby Frank Is Here

Yes "Frank" has been this baby's nickname from early on in my pregnancy.  My original due date was Halloween so Frankenstein- shortened to Frank sounded great!  It is hard to believe we have a new little one in our home.  It seems like we were just bringing Bailey home from the hospital and here we are almost 2 1/2 years later.  That was one fast pregnancy that is for sure.  So much has happened in our lives in these short 9 months and it kind of snuck up on me.  Although I was ready to have this baby, there was a part of me that wanted to be selfish and keep things the way they were.  I just wasn't sure I was ready to start all over again, but now that baby Frank is here, I couldn't be happier! 

It all started the morning of November 1, 2012.  I woke up and was having some pretty good contractions and they were about 10 minutes apart.  I thought for sure this was it.  After a few hours they subsided once again so I wasn't sure what was going on.  Our plan was to go to the mall so I decided to get the kids ready an head to the mall, but was hesitant because I really did not want to go into labor at the mall.  Man I was having an internal battle all morning wondering what was going on.  Well I started having more contractions but there was no pattern.  I wasn't sure what to do so once again I called the nurse and after talking with her she said she wanted me to come in.  So once again I packed up my stuff, kissed my kiddos, and Min and I were off to the hosptial.  I made a call to Chill (I kind of forgot to do that the day previous when I went in.  I'm just so used to doing everything on my own) and let him know what the plan was so he could make arrangements.  Part of me just wanted this to be it.  I didn't want to get sent home again.  We made it to the hospital and I wouldn't let Min drop me off because I wanted to walk so I could get labor going some more.  We got all checked in and they midwife came in and checked me.  They have 8 midwives here and I have yet to meet them all.  So Pat was a new one I had never met but she was awesome.  She checked me and I was a 5...Wahoo.  I had progressed from a 4 to a 5 overnight and then she said the magic words...I'm Going to Admit You!  That was all I needed to hear and it was go time!  I knew if I could get myself admitted then I was going to have this baby.  I called Chill to let him know and he got his patients covered for the rest of the afternoon.  It was about noon and I packed up my belongings and headed down the hall to my new room where I would spend the rest of the afternoon.  I was excited.

Long story short, Pat wanted me to walk around and stuff to get labor going a little more before I got my epidural.  I was okay with that because I knew I wasn't leaving the bed again after the epidural.  So I walked, bounced on the exercise ball, etc.  I had some contractions, but nothing significant.   I was getting frustrated because it was almost 4 pm and I seriously thought I would be done by now.  Pat came in and checked me again.  I was still at a 5.  She gave me a few options...she could break my water (which midwives DON'T like to do) or I could go home and come back when I was in full blown labor.  I of course did NOT want to go home but wasn't sure I wanted to break my water either.  I obviously wasn't thinking clearly.  I mean really why not just have her break my water right???  That is what Min and Chill were saying.  An hour passed and I made a call to my best friend and asked her for some advice.  After talking with her I had Chill give me a blessing and then I went and said a little prayer of my own in the bathroom and knew what a wanted to do...break the water. is where I went wrong.  I told her to go ahead and come break my water and then I would get my epidural....I should have done it in the reverse order.  If I had been thinking clearly it would have been clear that is the smart thing to do.  You see there is nothing in me that ever wanted to give birth without the comfort of the epidural.  I mean really why put yourself through the pain.  Anyway Pat broke my water at about 5:30 p.m. and said I was a 6.  I decided to use the bathroom while I waited for the epidural team to come in.  Life was good.  It was 5:55 p.m.  I came out and put on my cute little cap I had to wear for the epidural, had Min take my picture and she left the room because she couldn't be in there for the epidural and then everything changed....I had a big contraction that literally took my breath away.  We all laughed about it because I had to stop and lean up against the counter.  I started to walk across the room and had another one.  Okay now I was NOT having fun and this was NOT part of my 20 page birth plan they made me fill out.  My only request was that I have a good time and a good time for me meant no pain and an epidural early!  It wasn't good.  The nurse showed Chill how to put pressure on my hips during the contractions which helped a lot but I was mad...and sad...and in pain...and you name it!  All I could think was where is my dang epidural.  I leaned over the bed when I felt another contraction coming on and things changed again....I really really needed to go to the bathroom...and then had this overwhelming urge to push...and I knew what that meant....the baby was coming.  I remember Chill and my nurse telling me to get on the bed.  I believe Chill had to put me on the bed because I don't remember climbing up.  People were running in the room some OB lady introduced herself, checked me and said I was fully dialated and I was pushing.   I didn't care what anyone said I was pushing....and moaning...and in pain...and still mad!  Chill texted Min to come back in the room and she was all confused because she didn't know why I would be moaning...I guess she was informed that I didn't get my epidural and this baby was coming naturally!  I didn't want to be one of "those" women that give birth naturally.  Seriously it's awesome for them, but I didn't want to join that club.  I know I am a bit crazy but anyway I remember saying, "please tell me the pain goes away when he is out.."  some one told me it would get better so I gave it my all...pushed as hard as I could and the next thing I remember was a sweet little cry from our little guy... and the pain and pressure were gone.  What a relief but I honestly could not believe what just happened.  I had not prepared for that in any way, but it was over, he was here, and I was ALIVE!  For a minute I honestly thought I might die...seriously!  The craziest thing was all this happened in just 15 minutes.  At 5:55 I was all smiles and at 6:10 our baby was born...and he was perfect. 

Max Richard Wilcox
6:10 p.m.
8lbs 5 oz
20.5 inches 

Yes I look dead...yes I feel like maybe I had died! 
I had to close my eyes and take it all in realizing this little man was here!

 Min went and picked up my mom and the kids so they could come and meet their new little brother.  They were so excited.  They had to wait in the waiting room for a little bit and they were super anxious!  They were so cute when they finally got to see him.  Bailey was talking about about 90 mph saying how baby Frank came out of my belly and now he is here and he isn't in my belly anymore.  Carson just laughed and just kept saying he was so cute.


This is the cutest and sweetest nurse you will ever meet in your life. 
Krisit was definitely my lifesaver!
Matt and Dad made it into town just after Min and Mom got to the hospital.  They had the airport shuttle drop them off at the hotel across from the hospital.  It worked out perfectly.  They were able to walk on over and meet Baby Max.

First Bath!  Chill did a fabulous job!  I relaxed in my bed while he did all the work.

Our stay in the hospital was very quiet. 
We had a visit from my parents the night after he was born

We also had a visit from 2 of my cutest friends in my ward...Nellie and Jen. 
We laughed and had a great time.  I think Chill could see why I love these girls so much.
It was some much needed friend time!

Chill's huge comfty bed.  I honestly don't know how he got an ounce of sleep on that thing!

Ready and waiting to leave the hosptial.

These kids were so excited for us to be home.

 Bailey picked out this stuffed animal for Baby Frank and she insisted he have it at all times
No matter where Min is...she is always cutting someones hair!
Boy are we grateful for her. 
Saying goodbye to our family.  This picture makes me cry because these kids had so much fun with Mindi Lou and Matty Moon.  They absolutely love them!  Also I don't know how I would have done everything without Min here.  She honestly was so helpful and I was super sad when she left...although I didn't show it!  I was just so grateful to have my family there. 
I love this picture.  I sure miss my dad!