Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween was a great day.  It was so fun having mom and min in town for Halloween.  I don't think we really did much during the day but we were excited for trick or treating that night.  I hadn't felt real good for most of the day and I hadn't been feeling the baby move much either so I was a little stressed.  I decided I would call the nurse and see what she thought.  The told me to come to triage and that they would do a stress check and an ultra sound to check the fluid levels and then decide where to go from there.  Min and I jumped in the car and headed to the clinic.  They had told me to plan on an hour to an hour and a half so if we went right then we'd be back by 4:30 and could get the kids ready for Halloween.  We got the the hospital and got all hooked up and they monitored me for 40 minutes then did all the other stuff.  Everything looked fine.  They checked me and I was still dialated to a 4 and she said that I would have the baby before Saturday.  That made me feel good and I felt so much better knowing everything was okay with the baby.  Now I felt like I could go and enjoy my night with my kiddos.  The midwife told me to take a LONG walk and this was a perfect night for that.  We ran home and started to get the kids ready.  Mom made some delicious soup so we ate that and then waited for Chill to get home.  Mom was kind enough to stay behind and pass out candy to the trick or treaters.  She loves to do that so she was fine staying behind.  Min, Chill, the kids and I set out on our adventure.  The kids really got into it.  It was so fun to be in a neighborhood with tons of kids out and about trick or treating.  It reminded me of when I was young.  This was a new experience for us because we NEVER went trick or treating down town Salt Lake.  It just didn't happen!  It was a great night...but I still was not in labor:(



Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Month of Visitors

The month of October was a VERY busy month.  We had so many wonderful visitors.  The month flew by WAY too fast.  It started with a visit from one of my best friends Aanika.  She has been saying since the day I found we were moving to Minnesota that she was going to come visit me after I got all settled and she wasn't kidding.  We talked about it, made arrangements, and she booked her flight.  She came into town on the 11th and stayed until the 16th.  We had SO much fun together.  It was so nice to hang out somewhere other than work.  We worked together at LDS Family Services and it seemed like the only time to ever hang out was at work because we were both busy with our kids, callings, etc outside of work.  We stayed up late every night talking, ate lots of treats, and she spoiled my kids rotten.  Seriously they absolutely loved having her here and they were so sad when she left.  Bailey took quite the liking to her and wanted to be with her ever possible second.  The best part was cooking meals together.  We always joke that being Sister Wives might not be all that bad.  It sure makes household chores much more fun, enjoyable, and fast.  Aanika also spoiled me and gave me a facial and a foot massage.  I'm telling you she is way too nice.  Pampering me right before the baby was here.  I wondered if I might have the baby while she was here because I was dialated to a two and pretty thinned, but nope didn't happen then!  If any of you know Aanika you know she is a crazy hard worker and she of course had to help the boys fix the toliet because she is just like that!  She is amazing!  I am so sad I didn't get more pictures than this. 

 I just love this little girl.  She is ALL girl.  She wears this skirt 90% of the time.  I love that she pulled it up so she is being semi-modest! 
Our next visitor was Grandma Claudia (Chill's mom).  The kids were SO excited for her to come to town.  She came on the 15th so we had an overlap of visitors for a night which was a nice transition.  Claudia came for a week and we were busy the entire time.  We painted, decorated, cooked, and of course got spoiled!  Claudia did not stop from the moment she got here.  She even sewed me some super cute drapes!  We were hoping and praying that the baby would come while she was here.  I honestly thought for sure he would come because I was dialated to a 4 and when I went in for my appointment my midwife said she thought for sure something was happening and she wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor that day.  Well once again it didn't happen.  The kids absolutely loved having grandma here.  They would wake up SUPER early (way too early) and go lay in bed with her and watch shows on the ipad.  They were in heaven and I was lucky enough to be able to sleep in quite a few mornings which was SO nice!  Carson and Bailey were both so sad when Claudia had to leave.  I was sad too because we had so much fun and got so much accomplished.  

 We went at met Chill at work and took a tour of the Mayo Clinic

Chill's mom took us to Chucky Cheese which was the highlight of the week for the kids

 Shopping for things for the house!  It wasn't hard to find us with this big tree in the cart
 Carving the kids little pumpkins

 Hoping this was my last picture while I was pregnant

 On a nice little walk...or so we thought until it started down pouring!

 Oh how I love this girl.  She had to go to sleep with her purse and her shoes on!
 Just about to leave to take grandma to the airport shuttle

The last visitors of the month were my family.  Claudia left on the 23rd and my mom and Min came into town on the 27th.  I was certain I would have the baby during the week when no visitors were here.  In fact I was so certain of it that I made arrangements for my kids with some of my friends and we had plans in place if I went into labor in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day.  I was covered.  I had bags packed for the kids and all.  Well...once again it didn't happen.  We had a ward trunk or treat and Chill wanted to dress up.  We got him a Superman costume, but I didn't plan anything because I was certain I wouldn't be there.  Well Saturday came and Chill said I better get something to wear so off to Walmart we went and I got some Cat ears and was an Oversized Catwoman.  Mom and Min got into town later that evening and I thought I was in labor.  I was having some regular contractions and some of them were pretty painful.  They lasted a few hours but then subsided so I went to bed...and woke up the next morning...and nothing!  It was all good though.  The nice thing was I wasn't uncomfortable, more just worried about walking around being dialated so much.  I really didn't want to have my baby anywhere other than the hospital!  Having mom and Min in town was way fun.  Even though we were all hoping I'd go into labor at any moment, we still had a great time and stayed busy playing with the kiddos, making fun treats, and celebrating halloween.  The best part was Min cut and colored my hair which was so nice because I was so worried about having ugly hair in all my pictures after giving birth!  The time flew by WAY too fast and it was over before we knew it.  My dad and Matt flew in on November 1st, the day Max was born.  They were able to come right to the hospital on the airport shuttle to meet the little dude.  I will save all the details of the baby for the next post!  It was so fun having so many people in town to take care of the kids while I was in the hospital.  It was nice not having to worry about them one bit!  I only got to see dad and Matt for about a day and I wish I could have spent more time with them, but that is how it goes sometimes!

Even though my eyes are closed and I have fabulous posture, I had to put it in here because Chill looks like a cardboard cutout for some reason!  Ha ha


I took the kids to get flu shots and it was pretty traumatic for both of them. 
 Here is Bailey showing everyone where she got her shot!

Carson couldn't stand the smell of the pumpkins so he insisted on wearing a mask!