Saturday, September 29, 2012

Northwoods Orchard

You know I have just decided that even though Chill is busy and has to work some Saturdays, I still have to get out and have fun with the kids so we went with some families in our ward to an apple orchard.  I have to admit I have not wanted fall to come yet, but after being at the orchard and seeing all the pumpkins and the leaves changing it just felt so fallish and I couldn't help but just enjoy every minute of it.  Minnesota is super family friendly and there is so much to do.  There are quite a few orchards around and this one just so happens to be up the street from us.  Carson went there earlier this week for school and told us ALL about it and.  He really prepped Bailey and I for what we could expect when we got there.  He was was exactly like he said it was.  It was just nice to be out in the beautiful weather and let the kids run around.  We went on a ride around the orchard and the kids were able to pick a pumpkin.  Bailey was so excited about her tiny little pumpkin and Carson took his job of finding the perfect pumpkin very seriously!  We ate some homemade donuts and carmel apples and had a great time with our friends. 




Once again we wore her right out...this poor little
girl never gets her naps on time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So a couple of my cute friends (who also happen to be my visiting teachers) threw me a little baby shower.  I really did not want gifts because it's my 3rd, and I already have a boy and a girl, and....well yeah so anyway they suggested maybe a freezer meal shower.  Brilliant!  It was so fun to get together with all the girls.  I wanted it super simple and they did a Milk and Cookies shower which was perfect. There were so many yummy cookies and of course I had to try EVERY ONE OF THEM!  It turned out so cute and we had such a great time chatting.  I got some great meals as well which will come in handy once this little guy is here and my life is crazy again!

Yes that is me in the front.  I know it is hard to recognize me, but come on it's my third baby and I am 35 weeks pregnant!

Monday, September 17, 2012


We have had a few good rain storms since we have been here.  He comes down hard and fast and then it blows over.  Here's to hoping we never flood.  I hear our sump pump come on and it always offers relief!  I bought the kids some rain boots at Goodwill for super cheap.  Target sends all of their clearance items to Goodwill so you can get some new stuff there.  Anyway so we bought these boots and luckily it rained the next day because the kids couldn't wait to stomp around in the puddles.  There were a hit and we spent a lot of time out in the rain!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lead Test

I am happy to report that both of my children have been tested for lead (because our home in Salt Lake was over 100 years old and there was no way I was getting out of the doctor's office without agreeing to have it done) and they are both just fine.  Now as you can probably imagine this entire process was VERY traumatic for Bailey.  I mean very.  I tried to prep her, but she is 2 and had NO idea what was going on.  I had to hold her and there were two other nurses to hold her down as well.  The nurse asked which arm is best for her and I thought to myself...She's 2, it's not like we do this all the time.  I am sure it is routine to have blood drawn for some little ones, but this was all new for our little Bug.  Anyway she was fine until they started to hold her down and then the poke came and it was non stop crying.  I mean over all she did well, but she was SO mad at the nurse.  She just kept saying, "she poke me, she hurt me!"  It honestly took about 2 minutes from the time we got into the room until we were done so it wasn't that bad.  You can just seen in her face how unhappy she was.  Carson had his done about a week later when I took him into the doctor thinking he might have an ear infection.  He felt like crap and just wanted to go home but I really did not want to make another appointment for him and have to come back so I just said it had to be done that day.  I know I am a mean mother!  The entire time we were there Bailey said things like, "no poke Bailey, not Bailey's turn." and she would hold her arm as if she was hurting.  I reassured her that we were not there for her this time and there was no need to worry.  Carson did great as always.  He really is a champ.  He cried a little, but he informed me there were NO tears.  I didn't get any pictures of Carson but I sure took some of the little drama queen!


Monday, September 10, 2012

2 Year Check Up and a Secret Spy Agent

I finally got Bailey in for her 2 Year check up.  I was dreading it a little for a few reasons...The doctor never goes well when Bailey is involved (it's a little traumatic for her) and I was thinking we'd have to get immunizations.  Well the good news is, the visit went MUCH better than I had anticipated.  The only tears were when they laid her down to measure her.  That was it.  She was so good when the doctor checked her out which is usually the worst part of the visit.  The doctor was so dang cute with her though which makes a huge difference.  I have mentioned before to many people that the Mayo doesn't mess around with health history.  Seriously is is quite insane how many questions they ask and the extensive history they get.  Well it came out in conversation that we lived in a really old house so they insisted I get a lead test done on her.  I was like...are you kidding me...draw blood from this little Miss.  Even though I didn't want to do it I decided it would be good to know.  We set it up for another day because I was rushing to get Carson from school.  Overall the visit was great and our little Baily Bug is growing.  She was all up to date on her shots so NO SHOTS! 

2 Year Stats
Weight:  25 lbs  25%
Height:  2' 11"    68 %
Head:  48.5 cm
BMI   14.89  13%
(Yes your kids gets their BMI results here at Mayo)

As far as the Super Spy business goes, we have an Agent living in our home.  He takes his job very seriously.  When he started school this year, Chill bought him a Secret Spy Agent watch as a little gift and boy does he love it.  It is pretty high tech and does some cool things so he stays very busy with it.  He also has to dress the part which means nice church clothes.  I know when he goes down to his room and makes the change of clothes he means business!  

That is on of my favorite pictures!  They really do have fun together!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kite Weather

Carson got this awesome kite for his birthday from Chill's grandma, aunt and uncle but we honestly have not had a chance to fly it.  We also didn't really have a good open space to fly it either.  It's a big old Star Wars kite and Carson has wanted to get out and try it and I finally hid it because I wasn't sure when it would happen.  Well now that we are in Rochster we were in luck....we have lots of wind and we have a huge wide open park right in our backyard.  We took the kite and headed to the park.  We had a few problems starting out and the kite broke a few times, but Chill rigged something up and boy does that thing fly.  It was fun to see that thing fly and I forgot how fun kites are.  Sure made me feel like a kid again. 

Lets be honest...Carson had more fun taping up the bench than he did flying the kite!

Yes this girl is in her jammies, but don't worry, she always grabs a headband before we head out of the house...I guess I am getting her started young!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Potty Training...or so I thought!

So at the first of the month Bailey was SUPER interested in the potty so I thought here we go.  I got some gumballs at the store and we were off.  I decided I wasn't going to push it, but if she wanted to try I was up for it.  Well she did awesome for about 3 days.  She was using the potty everytime she needed to go at home.  I was thinking to myself...this is it, she'll be potty trained before the baby gets here.  Well the excitement of it all was short lived and we are back in diapers.  I know I couldn't have pushed it a little more, but hey it's all good.  She'll be ready soon!  She sure was cute though because she would go around telling people "peep in potty get GUMBALLS" 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of Kingdom Kids

My little buddy is once again in school.  Moving to a new state and not knowing where the heck to send my child was a little stressful, but I am happy with how things turned out.  His preschool is literally a mile down the street and there are 2 other boys from our ward in his same class.  It worked out wonderfully.  He was SO excited to start school and had no problem jumping right in.  It is so nice that he has been such an easy child in so many ways because I can already tell Bailey is going to be a challenge in pretty much every way.  I love that girl to pieces but oh the drama!  With that being said my Buddy is loving every minute of school and I have been given strict instructions that he will check himself in and that I am not to go close to the door because he can go into class by himself.  If it were up to him I'd drop him off at the curb, but I have to take him in the building and wait by his class until he is in the door.  In some ways it made me sad, but at the same time it makes life so much easier!  Carson has always been a good boy but he has been my salvation.  I am telling you he is the sweetest boy around.  I tell Bailey on a daily basis she has NO idea how lucky she is to have such a great brother.  He will do almost anything to make her happy...even if it means having the small half of the stick of gum so she doesn't throw a fit.  (if you know Carson and know how much gum means to him, you'd understand what a sacrifice this is for him).  I seriously am so grateful for this kid.  Don't get me wrong he has his 4 year old moments, but I can handle it!

Homework he had to take on the First Day of School

Ready to go into his new school

Still smiling after school was over!
This is Bailey doing her sad face...not sure why but she wanted to do a sad face!