Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So behind....so very far behind!

I am attempting to catch up.....Stay tuned!

Not A Baby Anymore

Our Little Miss Baila is 21 months! Where does the time go.  She is such an absolute joy to have in our home. Yes she is extremely dramatic, sassy, and very opinionated, but we just love her so so much.  It honestly makes me so sad that she is growing up so fast.  She was the best little baby and has been such a good little one that I want her to stay little forever.  Now that she can say words and communicate better, she lets us know what she wants and doesn't want!  She absolutely adores Carson and wants to be around him 24/7.  Carson actually thinks she is okay now that she can talk and communicate with him.  He also thinks it's great when he knows what she is saying and we don't and he has to translate!  She wants to eat, play, and do everything he does the exact same way he does it.  It is so cute to watch. The phrase "I never wanted a sister" doesn't come out of his mouth nearly as much as it used to.  Bailey still loves to eat and she eats all day but I have noticed her portion sizes decreasing a bit which is good.  I started getting a little concerned when she was eating 4, and I mean 4, scrambled eggs for breakfast.  She has to eat syrup with most of her food...potatoes, chili, chicken, you name it she wants syrup with it!  You would never know she eats so much because she is a skinny mini, but she has to eat that much just to survive.  She love ice cream, pizza, and broccoli!  Yes she likes more than that but those are for sure things.  She has a thing with dental floss and we go through a lot of floss because somehow she manages to find it and make one really long piece of floss.  I find it all over the house.  This girls has to run everywhere she goes.  She runs around the house ALL DAY LONG!  She makes me so tired just watching her.  She loves to be the center of attention and loves to perform.  She has to make sure EVERYONE is watching her.  Like most little ones her favorite word is NO!  She is really good at that one.  Bailey loves everyone in the family and loves to say their names but has a special bond with her two bompas (aka grandpas!) Rich and Doug (she used to call them Richey and Dougy which was so dang cute).  She is also very fond of Chill and is attached to him anytime he is at home.  She is starting to talk so much and is so proud of herself  when she says new words.  So LOVES dogs and when they bark, but only from a distance.  She loves to look up in the sky and find airplanes and if she is in the house and she hears one, she stops dead in her tracks to listen and try to see where it is coming from.  She is really starting to like books and wants to read all the time from morning until night.  She is ALL girl and loves to look in the mirror and say "pretty".  She loves to put my jewlery on and she likes bows in her hair long enough to show everyone and then she has to rip them out.  She is still obsessed with her dolls and she is so cute with them.  Yes she still has a binky and she can't live without it...or is it me that can't live without it.  Either way I am not sure how we are going to get ride of that thing.  All in all she is just the sweetest little munchkin around and we love her. 

I finally took her to the Dr. which she absolutely hates.  She cries the minute the nurse or doctor walks in the room and doesn't stop until they leave.  She wouldn't even look at the doctor this time and he had to talk to me from across the room because anytime he got close she would cry as loud as she could.  She was very angry about getting a shot, that was until the nurse pulled out a sucker and then they were best friends.  The nurse thought it was so funny that she perked right up when she gave her a sucker, that she went and got another one.  Its amazing what sugar does to kids!  When the visit was over and the doctor left the room she said in a very angry voice, "BU BYE!"   She is doing great and very healthy!

Weight:  21.32 lbs- 9%
Height:  32.5 inches- 71%
Head:  18.9 inches- 85%