Saturday, February 25, 2012

I need to get calm...

Carson is always making me laugh...Literally all day long.  As we were leaving Chill's parents one night he said, "hold on I need to get calm."  I of course and trying to push him out the door while he is trying to climb up on the counter.  I seconds later he is sitting indian style on the counter in front of the little essential oil lamp thingy.  He has his eyes closed, his arms out, and all I could here was hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  He told me that once he was calm then he would be ready to go home.  Where the kids comes up with this stuff I will never know.  I sure love him!

The Lorax

Carson was really loving the Lorax.  For the Read Across America Day they were reading the Lorax at Target so we of course headed over.  It was sure fun.  We just love Dr. Seuss books at our house so we were able to sit and enjoy quite a few.  Carsons love for the Lorax died out even before his "Lorax Birthday" and his obsession with Star Wars began...

Monday, February 20, 2012


Okay I have honestly only had a few pedicures in my life.  I think to myself...Why the heck do I not do this more often when I actually do go, but is just hasn't really been my thing.  My sister Min is going to school at Elase Academy so I went with Claudia (chill's mom), Grandma Molly (chill's grandma), and Lynda (chill's aunt) to get pedicures at the school.  Sad news was, Min took the day off, but we went anyway.  I got to meet all her friends which was fun, but it was sad she wasn't there.  It was so fun to have a girls day out.  Once again I found myself saying...I have got to do this more often. If anyone needs a good cheap pedicure, head on over to Elase Academy in South Jordan and ask for my cute sister Mindi!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Fun

Carson thinks Valentines Day is great which makes me love it even more.  It is fun to make a big deal about it and his favorite thing about it is the heart tablecloth and the heart paper plates.  He is a funny kid.  We got up and going a little late which was not good because Carson had a party at school.  I totally thought it started at 9:30 but it started at 9:00.  OOPS!  So we put it in high gear.  We ate pink pancakes and I gave the kids their little gifts- chocolates, a balloon and a shirt to wear for the day.  It was brilliant to give Carson a shirt because he was so excited to put it on and he got ready faster than he every has before.  We hurry and jumped in the car and were off to the party...a few minutes late!  We made it and had a great time.  They had the cutest little activities and crafts which Carson was NOT interested in.  All he wanted to do was swat the balloons and hang out with his best buddy James.  He did think it was awesome that he gave everyone a Valentine and that he had a bag full from his class so I was glad at least that was exciting to him.  I really wanted to do something cute for his class, but Carson really wanted to get the Justice League ones with tatoos from the grocery story.  It was hard for me for a minute and then once again I had to stop and say...."This is about him...NOT YOU!"  This happens often to me!  Ha ha.  We hooked a cute little thing of bubbles on the Valentine and he was SO excited.  It made it all worth it to see him so happy.  Anyway party went well and we came home and Carson has his friend James and his sister Naomi over for a few hours.  They have so much fun together and it is great having them over.

I was planning on making a nice dinner but wasn't sure Chill was going to make it home so I decided it was Happy Meals for the kids and I would just eat something at home.  I know fun for me!  Well when I was in line at McDonalds, Chill called and said he was on his way home.  That was the earliest he'd been off in weeks.  It was nice for the kids to see him.  After the kids were in bed I decided I needed something good for dinner so I hopped in the car and got some Chinese takeout.  Chill and I enjoyed dinner togeth at about 9:30 p.m. but it was delicious so it was worth it.  All in all it was a good day!

Random Note....
Carson tied his first ever bow!!! 
He was tying his balloon to the chair and did it all by himself. 
I was so dang proud..ha ha!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Way too Young!

Carson has a little friend that he has taken a liking to. We were at a Super Bowl Party at Chill's aunts house and Carson and Libby had such a great time together.  Libby was walking around saying Carson was her boyfriend.  She is a darling girl and we just love her.  They were so funny together!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


After we had been in the house for weeks and not going anywhere we decided we needed to get out and do something fun.  Off to the bowling alley we went.  We weren't sure how it was going to go, but we were pleasantly surprised that both kids had a great time.  So much so that they were fighting constantly over whos turn it was to bowl.  Now you would think Bailey is too small to have such a LARGE opinion, but WRONG!  This little miss is sassy and has some major attitude and she doesn't back down.  That is one of the reasons I just love her so much.  She is super stubborn and is going to do what she has to in order to get her way.  All in all we had a great time and the kids really got into it. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

All Better

We spent the end of January and beginning of February with a sick household.  I swear it was never ending. We all just passed it around for over 2 weeks.  Chill even stayed home for a day which he NEVER does!  That is only the 2nd sick day I can remember him taking since we have been married!  We honestly have not been this sick in a long time and I have NEVER seen my kids this way.  I finally took Carson to Instacare one night and luckily I did.  He was having some major asthma and had to have a breathing treatment.  He also had an ear infection so we went home with an antibiotic and an inhaler.  I had to keep him out of school and make sure he didn't run around and play to much or the hacking would begin and never end!  That was the hardest part.  I knew I should have taken both kids into the doctor at the same time but Bailey seemed to be doing better, until the following morning when she took a turn for the worse so back to the doctor we went.  She had a double ear infection and was a sad little camper.  I am happy to report we are all better and back to normal.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybe It's Not My Thing

Alright so Chill and I got snow skis last year for Christmas from his parents.  When I say last year I mean...2010!  We did not go ONCE in 2011.  Pathetic I know.  To be honest I didn't really push the issue because I have only been skiing ONCE in my life when I was in Jr. High and it was an awful experience.  Seriously I wasn't sure I was going to go again.  Chill of course said I had to try it out, but somehow the year flew by and no skiing.  Well, 2012 is different. Chill was determined for us to go skiing and he made that happen last week.  He had the day off and said we should go skiing.  We hadn't arranged for a babysitter so that was my excuse.  I was talking with my mom and mentioned Chill wanted to ski and she said, "Well hey I can tend the kids."  I thought, should I tell Chill or should I not tell Chill....hmmmm big dilema.  I decided to tell him and before I knew it we were packed up in the car and on our way to Alta.  You know they have the Ski Free after 3 (well for another few weeks they do).  It was a beautiful day and I was so super duper nervous but I was also excited.  The minute I put on my skis I knew we were in trouble.  I was, these are really slick...Like I'm sliding and I am on flat ground.  Yeah I know disaster!  Anyway it took me about 10 minutes just to get to the ski lift.  I made it on but was not sure how I was going to get off.  Now you have to understand I get myself SO worked up over things.  Seriously I don't know how Chill handles me.  Good news....I made it off the lift in one piece.  Bad news....Now I had to make it down the mountain.  I did not even dare to move.  Well I of course finally did, had a few good falls, went completely out of control a few times, but an hour later I was down the mountain and back on the lift and.... I WAS ALIVE!  The second time down was SO much better.  There were a few times I looked at Chill and said..."Should I go for it" and off I went .  I was ready to go a third time, but our time was up.  The free skiing was only from 3-4:30 so I was out of luck.  Next time I guess.  Now I need a lot more practice but it was so dang fun.  I wish so badly that we would have taken a video camera.  I am sure it would have been priceless. 

We told Carson all about our ski adventure and he wanted to go.  Chill got off early Saturday so we headed back to Alta.  Of course it was packed because it was Saturday, but that was okay.  Carson was pretty excited to have a little tiny pair of skis.  Off the boys went and Bailey and I hung out and watched all the skiers.  She was good for the first 40 minutes and then she was done with the cold and the snow!  She threw quite the tantrum on the way to the car but luckily I could pull the car up close enough that I could take some pictures of Chill and Carson as they made their way down the last hill.  Carson was pretty frozen and ready to be done.  It was a big hill they tackled for his first time, but he said he would go again.  He is too cute!

The Kiddos

I just have a few random cute pictures of the kids.  I sure love that I get to spend my days with these two wild ones.  While they both have their moments, I wouldn't trade my job as their mommy for anything in this world.  They really are my everything!

Carson LOVES to tie things up.  Many of the ties in the hood of my sweatshirts now belong to Carson.  I wish I had taken time to take pictures of everything he ties up because it is hilarious.  Many times I will go to get in my drawers and can't get in because they are all tied together.  He has tied himself up a few times and can't get out without my help.  It reminds me of the movie Dennis the Menace when Dennis ties up the bad guy!  I'm telling you kids really can tie things up to the point you can't get out!