Friday, August 26, 2011

Trilobite Treasures

I took the kids down to Chill's parents house one night to go Trilobite Hunting with Grandpa Doug.  Carson and grandpa had been talking about it for weeks and weeks.  Carson was so excited to start his trilobite collection as he called it.  We headed over to Thanksgiving Point and we were the only ones there which was great.  We just went down into the big rock pit with buckets, hammers, and saftey goggles.  Carson was ready for a hunt.  He really wanted to find a SHARK TRILOBITE and he said he found a few.  It was actually pretty fun.  Once Garrett found one, things got pretty exciting.  Garrett and Doug found some awesome ones and that made it well worth the experience.  Bailey, Claudia and I just hung out and watched them hammer the rocks to pieces.  Good time had by all!

Check out the socks and flip flops! I forgot to bring his shoes but I did have sock so he said he would just wear his socks with his flip flops because Uncle Garrett taught him how do to that.  I give credit to Garrett for this awesome look!

Hair Cuts

We are so lucky to have our own  personal "Hair Gal" in our family.  Sometimes she is known as Babes, sometimes Mindi, sometimes Aunt Min or as Bailey calls her MMMMiiiiiin.  Seriously I am not sure what we are going to do without her when we move away.  I am already stressing about it.  It has been so nice to just run right over to the salon anytime we need a little trim, hair color, nail color, etc.  We just love Min and she is always so good to fit us right in.  Carson has always loved to get his hair cut and I think Bailey is following in those foot steps.  I put her up in the chair and she thought it was so fun.  The best comment from Min while cutting Bailey's hair, "is it okay if I just layer the back a little."  I about died since she doesn't even have an inch of hair in the back!!  We had a good laugh!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Preschool

I'm still struggling with fact that Carson is old enough to be going to preschool.  Part of me is absolutely loving it and part of me is dying that he is growing up so fast.  Carson has been asking if he could go to school for almost a year now so when it was FINALLY time for school to start, he couldn't have been happier.  We got to go meet his teacher, Tammy Taylor, 2 weeks ago and ever since then he has been counting down the days.  His teacher asked him if he had any questions and he said, "I'm just excited to come to school."   Monday night was wonderful because he got ready for bed early and went to sleep without a fight.  When he woke up Tuesday he was happy, jumped in the shower, got ready, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and got his hair done without any type of a fight!  I serioulsy was amazed.  Our mornings NEVER go that smoothly.  He told me a few days earlier what he wanted to wear to school so we were all prepared.  It was so cute to see him running around so excited.  He was just saying, "hey guess what, it's my first day of school."  He ran up to Chill and said, "I can't believe it's my first day of school, I am so excited."  We tried to take a few pictures inside, but he just wanted to go outside with his backpack on.  I got him to stop for a few pictures outside and then off he ran to the car yelling, "I'm going to school." Our neighbor even said, "Off to school?"  Carson said, "Yep it's my first day."  What a kid!

We picked up Chill on the way to school so he could come with us for his first day.  We all walked into the preschool, Carson hung up his backpack and he was off.  I couldn't even take a picture of him in the classroom because he was too busy.  I had to go find him to tell him goodbye.  He did say goodbye, but was right back to playing.  I walked out and felt that was way to easy.  When I picked him up he was like, "oh hey mom."  He grabbed his backpack and off we went.  It was like he'd been in school forever.  I still can't believe how big he is.  I must say I am a proud mother!

This is how Bailey feels about Carson going to school! 

Carson has been telling us for months that he really needs a Captain America costume.  I found one at Costco last week and decided to get it for him.  We thought it would be fun to give it to him on the first day of school.  He was more than excited. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let the Summer Catch Up Begin.

I really am going to try and catch up and blog about our entire summer.  I cannot promise I will get it done quickly, but I will sure try.  We've had a busy, but great summer and in a way I am really enjoying this down time!  Wish me I go!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Miss Bayla is ONE!

Yes it is true, our little Diva/Drama Queen is ONE! I didn't want to face the fact that she was growing up so fast, but I have to come to terms with the reality that my little girl is a year old.  I have loved every second of her.  That is part of the reason I wanted her to say little for so long.  She seriously has been such a good baby so having two kids has just been fun.  Yes I do have my moments when I turn into the wicked witch and wonder why I have any kids at all, but that only lasts a few minutes.  We were able to celebrate her birthday with just the 4 of us on her actual birthday.  I have to admit that I threw something together last minute because after all the summer events, I didn't have the time or the energy for that matter to plan something big...Sad I Know!!!  Bailey seemed to enjoy herself so I think we are good.  We were able to celebrate later in the week with our families which was a lot of fun and of course she got spoiled by everyone!

Bailey is an eater.  She can out eat Carson any day.  She loves most anything you put in her mouth.  She loves watermelon and can eat half of one I swear.  She isn't saying any words other than Mamama and Dadada....oh and Nanana which she says over and over and over and gets louder every time.  That  means Give Me More Food Now!  She is on the verge of walking.  She has taken steps in between people and is really starting to get her balance.  I am afraid she is going to be one of those kids that just takes off running when she finally gets the hang of it.  She cut one of her top teeth but don't you worry, it isn't the middle one... but the one next to the middle one.  Yeah right, I know snaggletooth right, but the cutest dang snaggletooth you've ever seen!  I guess "awkward moments" are starting early for her.   

Yes that is right, the little stinker was trying to hide from me so I couldn't take her picture!

            Carson loves when Bailey walks to him.  It might be the only thing he likes about her right now!     

Lets just say going on to dinner with the kids right now can be a little challenging.  We were in and out of Red Robin so fast.  I seriously wonder sometimes why we even try to go out.

               Bailey wasn't so sure about her birthday cake...She pretty much ate the sprinkles off half the       cake and decided she was done!   

Party #2 Started off with A LOT of Watermelon followed by a fabulous lasagna dinner!

Bailey did not want to wait for us to sing or blow oh the dang candles.  She just wanted to dig in to the cake!

She was fine until she realized she was very messy and then she just got mad!


Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Years

Yes we made it to 5 years and it is a miracle.  Okay so maybe not a miracle but I honestly can't believe it's been 5 years.  I also can't believe we have 2 kids. (If it was up to Chill we would have 3 by now)!  We were actually able to spend our anniversary together which we don't always get to go.  We try and work something in every year, but it doesn't always work.  Okay so the truth is we are supposed to take turns planning our anniversary and Chill is really good at not so much.  I have GREAT intentions, but just never follow through.  Part of the problem is I think I have been at Bear Lake on our anniversary 3 of the 5 years we have been married.  Chill usually isn't with us when we are in Bear Lake.  Anyway enough with the excuses.  We found out Chill didn't have to be to work the next day until 1 pm so my sister was sweet enough to volunteer to watch our kids over night.  I left them at my parents, ran home and then Chill and I got on the computer to find somewhere to stay.  We decided on the Grand America.  The best thing about it was it took us all of 5 minutes to get there.  We had such a great time.  It is such a beautiful place with so much to see.  We ate dinner at the hotel out on the patio which was so nice.  The weather was perfect. Our food looked and tasted amazing.  We sat and talked for hours and our waitress thought we were dating because we were having such a good funny!  It was just so nice to have a night to ourselves.  Chill's work schedule had been so crazy for the past 2 months we rarely saw each otehr or had time to just talk.  It was so nice to not worry about the kiddos at all.  A big thanks to my sisters and mom for watching them and a big thanks to Chill for a great night out!