Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Match Day

This was definitely a big day for us.  We had been waiting and wondering for months where the next and LAST part of Chill's training would be.  Chill applied back in October 2010 for the fellowship program and in Jan/Feb 2011 he started all his interviews.  He interviewed at 6 different programs in Arizona, New York, Florida, Utah, Texas, and Minnesota.  It was tough trying to decide how to rank the programs and wondering if we should try and stay in Utah or if it was time for us to move out of state and take a little adventure for a few years.  We really felt that moving out of state was right for us but our future would be decided by a computerized match.  Chill had to put his rank list in by June 1st and then had to wait until June 15 to find out the results.  On the Match Day we decided to head down to Lehi and find out at Chill's parents.  We thought Chill would get an e-mail at 10:00 a.m.  At 10:02 a.m. we were kind of stressing and getting a little anxious so he logged onto the website and there were the results.  It was a relief to know that Chill had matched, and that he had matched in the program he was hoping for.  We found out that we will be moving to

Rochester, Minnesota in July 2012
Chill will complete his fellowship in
Hematology/Oncology at the Mayo Clinic

I am very proud of Chill for all his hard work.  All the crazy schedules/stressful schedules have been worth it.  I can't believe we are about to be on the last leg of his training.  We have definitely been blessed through it all.   Yes I am a little nervous to move away from our families and from everything that is familiar, but also very excited for the opportunity to take an adventure.  I know it will be good for us and our little family.  Thank heavens we are moving there when it is warm so that I have time to get my food storage before the hibernation begins.  I have heard wonderful things about Minnesota and it can't be all that bad if that is where the Mall of America is right???!!!  That was all I needed to hear to be sold on the idea!  After we got over the excitement of it all, called our family and friends, we spent time at the pool and had a little bbq!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Swing Set

So my parents have been talking about getting a swing set for the grandkids for a while now.  Mom decided to just go for it so that we could all put it together before Nat and her kids came for the summer.  I thought if we could recruit a few people putting it together would be easy.  Well I recruited Mindi and her boyfriend Matt to help.  When we opened the box, took all the pieces out, and tried to organize everything, I could tell this just wasn't my type of task.  Unfortunately Chill was busy working all and was not able to help so that meant Matt with the help of his side kick, Min, were in charge!!  It was a task to say the least, but they did a great job.  It took about 1 1/2 days to put together and the the kids love it so it was all worth it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Months Old!

Bailey is well on her way to being One Year Old!  This last month with her has been so much fun.  She is growing and changing so fast.  She has the cutest, sweetest, and sometimes sassiest personality.  She is such a busy body and just has places to go.  She perfected her army crawl and started crawling a few days ago.  It is so amazing to me how quickly babies learn things.  Bailey loves most any food in large quantities and she is really a fan of watermelon right now.  She is thinks bath time is great and loves to splash and get everything wet (especially Carson).  She is getting a little more cuddly which I am loving for sure.  She loves Chill and most men for that matter. I feel so lucky to have such a great baby.  I sometimes wonder what the toddler years will out!


We were finally able to make a trip to Florida in May.  My sister and her family have been there for a year now and I still had not been to visit.  I had not seen Jared for almost a year, I had not seen Nat and the kids for almost 9 months, and I had not even met my little nephew Mason who was born in December.  I tell you this was a much needed vacations.  Chill was busy working as usual so I packed up the kids and recruited some help from my sister Mindi.  I couldn't have done it without her!  The kids did great on the flight for the most part.  We arrived in one piece so I was happy about that.  The sun was shining it was warm and beautiful and it was so nice to get out of the nasty Utah weather.  We just played for a week straight and had so much fun.  We spent 4 wonderful days at the beach, had a few pool days, ate tons of yummy food, had way to many sweets, and just had a blast.  It was fun for Nat, Min, and I to spend some time together.  We don't get to do that near enough.  Watching the kids play together is so fun.  Logan and Carson actually got a long for the most part which is a miracle.  We only had to break up a few fights!  Bailey absolutely LOVES Lexi ( and Jared!) and little Mason just might be the cutest dude ever. Carson tells me at least two times a week that he just wants to go back to Florida.  I would say it was definitely a much needed and wonderful vacation.  Nat and Jared spoiled us rotten.  Can't wait to go again! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 Months Old

Yes I am WAY behind.  Bailey, or Bayla (the nickname Carson gave her) as we call her in our house, is fast approaching 10 months so I thought I'd better post a few 9 month pictures.  I honestly don't know where the last 9 months has gone.  I am seriously just loving every minute of this little girl.  She has made having 2 kids so much easier than I had anticipated.  It makes me scared to even think about or attempt 3 kids because there is no way I will get another "good" baby!  Carson still would like to bop her over the head for the most part, but we do have days when he is very sweet to her, so we are making progress.  She finally got the army crawl down about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  She just really isn't in a hurry to crawl and I am perfectly fine with that.  She has her two bottom teeth which is just the cutest thing ever and I think the top teeth will make their grand entrance any time now! Bailey is getting quite the personality, and yes she can be a drama queen.  She is also still such a good eater.  My favorite line from Chill, "Is she still eating?"  As long as you put food in front of her, she will eat!

Here are little Miss Bayla's Stats

Weight:  17.44 lbs. (26 %)
Height:  28.5 inches (82%)
Head Circumference:  18.1 in (94%)

Love this picture...
Carson told me to take a picture of him hugging Bailey.
I guess if that is what you call a hug!