Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. George

We were able to go spend a few days in St. George with Chill's family this past week.  Although the weather wasn't that warm, we still had so much fun and it was a much needed get away.  We were able to stay with Chill's grandparents who are always so good to us.  Chill's brother Brett got the privilege of driving down to St. George with us and our two kids which is always a treat.  The pestering in the car has begun.  Carson could not keep his hands and feet of of Bailey.  I thought to myself...what is it going to be like when we have a few more kids?

We spent a day in Zions driving and hiking around.  The kids did great.  Carson couldn't have been happier being outside where it was warm and Bailey was just a trooper.  She was happy and barely made a peep all day.  I haven't been to Zions since I was in Jr. High, so it was really fun to go back.

Chill's parents were able to come on Friday and the boys of course got some golfing in and the girls got to shop.  The boys were able to take Carson on Saturday to put around and he thought it was great.  I think we have a future golfer on our hands.

We swam, played cards, and had a great time.  We definitely need to go back soon.  It was just nice that Chill had a few days off of work and could relax and have a good time. 

My Little Man

Sometimes I feel like I neglect Carson a little bit because I am always putting stuff about Bailey on the blog.  Carson keeps us laughing daily.  He is so much fun and he is quick and witty.  He is also pretty good at using us to get what he wants.  A few weeks ago he was eating his breakfast and we had this converstaions

Carson: "Okay I can have a cookie now." 

Me:  "um...no not right now."

Carson: "But I ate all my breakfast so I can have a cookie."

Me:  "Did dad say you could have a cookie after breakfast?"

Carson:  "Yep he did."

So I gave him a cookie just as Chill was walking in the kitchen

Me: "Did you say Carson could have a cookie if he ate all his breakfast?"

Chill:  "No"

Then Chill proceeds to talk to Carson about lying and how it isn't good and Carson says, "Lions aren't good."  Chill talked to him for a few more minutes and I finally just said it wasn't worth it because he wasn't getting it.

Next Morning...

Carson:  "I can have a cookie now becasue I ate all my breakfast and I didn't say a lie!!!"

How do you not give the kid a cookie after that.  So of course he got a cookie!  Don't worry, we did not make that a habit.  Luckily that morning he ate the last one. 

Carson has also been taking a little gymnasics class and is loving it.  He is the smallest in the class and so he has a hard time doing some of the things, but it is good for us to get out of the house and do something fun. 

A few weeks ago Chill was out of town and Carson was talking to him on the phone.  When I walked into the bedroom Carson was on the bed holding a picture of him and Chill telling Chill all about it.  It was a very serious conversation he was having.  He is too funny. 

Carson loves flashlights and especially the his little head lamp.  Last night he asked me if he could put in on to go to bed.  Anything to get him to bed right?  He put it on and went to bed (Yes he still sleeps on the floor in our room) I came in about 20 minutes later and he was sound asleep with the head lamp on. 

Bet You Can't Guess Who his Dad is...
So Caron and Chill were doing a little construction around the house and were outside using the saw.  Chill ran in to get me and said, check this out.  I look out and you can totally see Carson's little crack out the top of his pants.  For any of you that know Chill, you know his crack is ALWAYS hanging out.  It is a big joke all the time. By the time I grabbed the camera Carson had moved a little bit so you can't see it well, but I just had to laugh because Carson is so much like his dad!!!

Carson LOVES his pjs.  He wears hi pjs 90% of the day.  He has a lot of pajamas.  I kind of have a think with jammies.  Most of his pajamas have animals on them so depending on what animal he wants to be that day, those are the pjs he wears.  There are days he is multiple animals and has to change his pajamas mulitple times a day.  I have started to just put his clothes over his pajamas to avoid the fighting and screaming.  When we get home or to my parents house the first thing to go are his clothes so he can run around in his pajamas.  So if you see pictures of him and he is in his pajamas, you will now know why! 

6 Months Old

It is true, our little Bailey Bug is 6 months old.  Where the time went, I just don't know.  I say to Chill at least 5 times a week, "Can you believe she is 6 months old already?"  I guess it just seems like it has gone some much faster with her than Carson.  It probably has something to do with the fact that you sit around and wait for your first child to hit all the milestones, and with the second, it happens before you even blink.  Bailey is just so much fun to have around.  She is such a good baby.  She can be a bit dramatic at times which is a change from Carson (althought he has his moments). She just barley started eating baby food and she just really isn't that intersted.  She of course wants everything we eat, but baby food...no thanks. She loves to watch Carson and thinks he is great.  Carson still has his moments where I think he would rather she not be around, but for the most part he is ok with her.  Bailey also loves her dad.  She has this look she gets when he walks in the room, its like her little heart just melts.  She of course loves me as well, but it is something about those boys!  I don't really have any complaints because she has been so good.  We just love her so much!  She is growing like crazy and I just love that she has chubby arms and thighs.  It is too cute.  Things went well at the doctor.  She of course was very dramatic about her shots and had to scream at the top of her lungs for a few seconds, but I always just tell her she will thank me later for keeping up on her vaccines.  Ha ha! 

Bailey is 15lbs 13 oz and 26.5 inches

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well you know I must admit that Valentines Day is really not my favorite holiday.  I kind of feel like it is such a let down for so many people and I just hate that people get all worked up over it.  Well being married makes things much better, but I still don't love it.  I decided this year (and hopefully every year) I would make it fun for us.  I must say by the end of the day I was quite exhausted, but we did have a lot of fun.  Carson thought the whole day was great because we had so much to do. 

So I had grand plans to make a big breakfast, but it just didn't happen.  I had to get Bailey ready for her doctor appointment so we just had to have pancakes.

Pictures of the Kids

Carson and his Valentine date, Pyper
They were having heart shaped sandwiches for lunch

Cookie Time
Pyper and Carson decorated cookies and of course had to eat a few as well

Rolling out the dough for our Calzones

Ready to Bake!

Dinner Time
Chill brought me home some beautiful flowers. Definitely made my day!

A few little presents and then off to bed!