Monday, January 10, 2011

5 Months Old

Yes I did just post about Bailey being 4 months old, but she is now 5 Months Old!  She is such a happy and content baby but she is quite the wiggle worm.  She is so close to rolling over, but I think she is just happy where she is and is not in a hurry to go anywhere.  She is getting cuter by the minute and chubbier by the day.  I love all her rolls!  She is getting very vocal and has started to growl this past week which makes me laugh.  She absolutely loves her dad and thinks Carson is if we could just convince him that she is wonderful as well.  He does at times have a tendency to whack in the head, leg, belly, or arm!  Whichever is most convenient for him at the time.  There are moments though where he is extremely sweet with her and I hope we have more moments like that in the future.  She is a great sleeper and is just waking up once a night.  We finally moved her out of our room and into her crib this past week, which I'll admit was a little hard on me the first few nights, but now I am loving it.  Now if we could just get Carson to sleep in his room, life would be great!