Friday, December 31, 2010

The Holidays

Beware...Long Post with Lots of Pictures!

We had a wonderful Holiday Season with our family and friends.  We stayed busy as usual with the parites, get togethers, ect.  With both our families so close, we share time with each of them and it usually works out pretty well. 

We spent Thanksgiving with Chill's family this year.  We had a big crowd at his parents house and had yummy food.  Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorites.  Doesn't get much better than Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and homemade pies.  Not only was it Thanksgiving, but it was my mother in law's birthday as well which was fun to be able to celebrate with her. Carson loved the fact that he got to blow out candles with Grandma Claudia and eat cake.  He loves birthdays and thinks it is his birthday anytime we are celebrating.  He talks about his birthday year round! 

Random Pictures from December
Carson Loves every minute of the snow.  For him, the more snow the better!  He wears his snow boots most of the time so that no matter where we go, he can get there via the snow.

Carson got to dress up as a cow at the Ward Christmas Party.  He didn't want to take the costume off and cried later that day when we told him we didn't have a cow costume for him to wear.

Making a Gingerbread House- he spent most of the time eating the icing and candy off of the house.  This kid is the sugar boy.  He would eat sugar morning, noon, and night if we would let him.


It was insanely busy the night we chose to go to Temple Square with our friends, but the weather was great and as always, the lights were amazing.  Its always fun to get everyone together.  For those that couldn't come, we missed you!

For days after making the gingerbread house, this is where
Carson could be found- snatching candy off the house!

Christmas Eve Dinner at my Parents
We had dinner at my parents house and got on the webcam with Nat, Jared and their kids to open our Christmas jammies!  This is the first year Nat and her family hasn't been here and we missed them so much!  They better be here next year!

Christmas Eve at Grandmas Molly's
Every year Chill's family gets together at his Grandmas house on Christmas Eve.  Carson was in heaven because he got a Toy Stroy 3 play hut from Grandma Molly.  I'm glad we were able to make it over to spend some time with them before we headed home. 

Christmas Eve at Our Little House
Finally back home! Luckily Carson didn't fall asleep on the way home.  We read a book, put cookies out for Santa, and then it was off to bed so Santa could come visit our house!

Christmas Morning at Our House
Chill talked me into sleeping at our house and having Christmas morning with our little family.  I was a little hesitant at first because I had slept at my parents every year for 26 years!  I am actually really glad we did it this way because it was a lot of fun.  Carson was so excited that Santa came and brought him just what he wanted....a Play Dough Farm!!!  Carson also told me Santa was bringing a Doll for Bailey.  Good thing Santa came through for her!

Christmas Morning at my Parents
After we finished at our house, we cruised over to my parents house to open gifts with them.  I talked my brother and sister into sleeping in and waiting for worked out great!

Christmas Afternoon at Chill's Parents
It was off to Lehi to do Christmas with Chill's family.  We had a fun day with his family, ate lots of treats, opened fun gifts and had a wonderful Prime Rib dinner!

New Year's Eve
We took Carson to see Tangled with Chill's family on New Years Eve, actually Carson and I kind of took everyone else since we had already seen it earlier in the week.  It is such a cute movie and Carson loved it.  After the movie we headed over to see our friends Nick, Morgan, and Jake.  We spent the evening just chatting with them which was so fun and then made a stop at Del Taco before heading home.  If it wasn't for the kids not going to bed (because it was already WAY past their bedtime), I don't think Chill and I would have made it to 12:00!!  We are getting too old!


2010 Was a Great Year and We have Truly Been Blessed.
 We are Looking Forward to 2011!