Friday, November 19, 2010

Disney on Ice

We got some free tickets to Disney on Ice from one of my good friends and I just knew Carson would love it, and he did. He was so cute about it and so excited to see Mickey, Minnie and the gang. We were able to have a fun little outing with just Carson. I think he needed it too. After it was over he told me that "Mom all my clubhouse friends were there." Man to be a kid again!

Lets Ride the Horse

Whenever we go see my dad at his shop, Carson insists they ride horses together. My dads horse is a golf club and Carsons horse is a yard stick. They have to ride up and down the hall and my dad has to right the horse in the correct way...with his hand in the air! It is too cute and dad is always such a good sport to play with him.

Yoga and Diet Pepsi

The other morning Carson woke up and said, "Mom I need Yoga and Diet Pepsi for breakfast." I was thinking to myself, okay first of all we don't have any food called yoga and second of all we never have Diet Pepsi. After a few minutes I figured it all out. He calls the yolk of an egg "yoga" and his juice "Diet Pepsi" So translation...he wanted eggs and juice for breakfast. Once I figured it out, Carson was a happy man. He always thinks he needs Diet Pepsi just like grandpa Doug. It's kind of their thing.

Should I Be Worried???

So I was at the mall last week looking for some shoes. Well Carson was sitting down on the carpet taking off his shoes. I of course was trying to get him to keep them on because I know how it goes...he takes his shoes and socks off and won't put them back on. Well he gets his shoes off and goes over and takes a pair of womens shoes off the display table and tried them on. He proceeded to do that with about 3 pairs of shoes. I just had to laugh. He was loving it. I finally had to put a stop to it when we were getting a few looks from the sales people! He keeps me laughing.

3 Months Old

Yes I do realize Bailey was 3 months old over a week and a half ago, but I'm always behind on this dang blog. Our little bug is just the cutest girl ever. She is still just an angel and we are loving every minute of it. She is so much more alert and aware of everything going on around her. She loves to watch Carson and she loves when he gives her some attention (which doesn't happen very often). I can already see some problems arising with Bailey getting older. I pulled out all the baby toys the other day and Carson insists they are all his and that he needs to play with them and not Bailey. One of Carson's favorite things right now...the little baby play mat. Everytime I put Bailey down on it you better believe Carson is right there with her. Should be intersting to see how it goes come Christmas...I'm sure poor Bailey won't get anything because Carson will claim it all. Anway life is good for us and our two kiddos. Chillin is pretty busy with work and is in the process of applying for his Fellowship in Oncology. Should be exciting to see where our next adventure is going to be on this long journey!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I can't believe Halloween came and went! Halloween at our house was great this year. Carson loved carving pumpkins at my parents house and was even more excited when they were sitting on our porch. We had to talk about them every time we walked past them. Carson was in his words "A Trunk or Treating Cowboy" this year. He wanted to be just about everything he saw, but was more than happy being a cowboy. He wanted Chill and I to be cowboys/cowgirls as well so we decided to dress up too. Bailey was a little fairy and my sister made the most darling costume for her. The pictures really don't do it justice. She looked so cute. We had to help out at our stake Trunk or Treat so that is what we did for Halloween. The weather was crappy so we had to have it inside, but it turned out alight. I of course got to enjoy the candy because Carson loves to share with me! After the Trunk or Treat we went to Wingers with some of our friends which was a great way to end the night. Asphalt Pie is all I have to say...YUMMY!!!

Carson and Grandma

Bailey and Grandma

I told Carson to make a funny face and this is what I got!

Our finished products

Our tired little Fairy

Every fairy has to have Wings

Howdy Partner

Carson and Grandpa Doug
The Cowboy Family
Bailey and Mom

Fishing for Halloween Treasures

Bailey Eating Dad
How Bailey spent most of the night!

The Trunk or Treat Crew and Game