Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Love Fish

So Carson's new favorite food is fish. We have been fishing a few times in the past month so Chill has been cooking up the fish and Carson eats it. I am not a huge fish fan so I am not loving it as much as Chill is, but it is funny to watch Carson. I swear he downs half a fish by himself. It is so funny to watch because he eats it faster than Chill can get it off the bones for him. I guess he is getting all the good stuff fish has to offer for brain development right? Luckily Chill now has someone to share his love of fish and seafood with! Yeah for me!

Bailey's Blessing

Chill was able to bless Bailey on Sunday October 17, 2010. It was a wonderful day. We borrowed my niece Lexi's dress and I just thought Bailey looked so pretty in it. My sister and her family weren't able to come for the blessing so it was neat to have a little piece of them with Bailey wearing the dress. Chill gave her a beautiful blessing and she didn't make a peep. She was so good and I was so happy. Carson cried through his blessing so it was a little hard to hear what Chill was saying, but this time I heard it all. We were able to have our family and friends over to our house afterward for a brunch. It was fun to see everyone and we are so thankful to everyone for their love and support. Bailey was great the entire day but I think it wore her out because she slept 8 straight hours that night! I was sure loving it!

The Big Hunt

Well you know it's that time of year again. Deer Hunting Season. You know it's a big deal to Chill when he is able to take 2 weeks off a year and one of those weeks has to be in October for the Deer Hunt. We once again traveled to Wyoming and stayed in a cabin. Now I must admit I now really look forward to this event. No not because of the hunting, but just to get away and enjoy time with Chill and his family. The weather was beautiful (it only snowed one day so I count that as beautiful). They boys had a lot of success (they got 3 deer) and Carson couldn't have been happier. I honestly didn't think I would have to worry about a 2 year old being excited about the hunt, but boy was he. He has a hunting coat which he looks so cute in and he had to have his binoculars with him wherever he went. He got to go out with the boys a few times and thought that was awesome. It was really cute to see him so excited about it all. It made the whole trip well worth it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Months Old

Our little bug is already over 2 months old. It is just amazing how fast babies grow and how time flies! We are loving every minute of this little girl. She is still such a good baby. Of course we had her 2 month check up and she is sure growing. Bailey is now:
24 inches long and weighs 11.5 lbs

Yes I attribute that growth to "mamas milk" ha ha. She is a very happy baby, and gave us her first smile when she was 4 weeks old. Now at 2 months she is really smiling and it makes it all worth it. Carson just loves Bailey and although he gets a little rough with her at times, he is pretty good with her. He loves that he can make he smile and he just giggles when she does. It is fun to watch the two of them interact.

Backyard Camping

Carson and Chill had talked about camping out in the backyard all summer long and finally they did it last month. Chill finally had a Saturday off so they camped out. Carson was so excited about the whole event. They set up the tent and built a fire in the backyard so we could roast hot dogs and have smores. Dinner and smores didn't last long because Carson couldn't wait to get in the tent. I think we held him off until about 8:30 and then it was nighty night for the boys. I thought he would last a few hours out there, but to my surprise, at 7:30 am in walked the boys. Chill actually had to wake Carson up because we needed to get ready to go meet up with Chill's parents to go fishing. Carson absolutely loved it and of course wants to do it again. Maybe we'll have to set up camp in the living room since its a little too cold for a campout now!