Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July and Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to My Awesome Dad and My Crazy Brother!!! We were able to celebrate with them over the 4th of July weekend and boy was it fun! We Love You Guys! We were very busy over the 4th, but who isn't??? On Friday night we went to fireworks at the little West Bountiful Park and I have to admit, they weren't bad. I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Chill got up early and golfed with my dad and brother on Saturday and then we hit the WB Parade. Poor dad had to drive a float in the parade and I think he just about died of heat exhaustion...ok not really, but really!! We had lunch at Chili's to celebrate the birthdays, opened gifts and had cake and ice cream. Chill, Carson and I took off shortly after that to head to Oakley for a BBQ and the Rodeo with Chill's family. Carson LOVED the rodeo. He watches Bull Riding or "Super Bulls" as Carson calls it, on TV with Grandpa Doug so to see it live was almost more than he could take! We had great seats which made it that much more fun! I do have to say we MISS Jared, Nat, Lexi, and Logan SO much when the Holidays come around. I hate thinking about it, but we are SO excited that Nat and the kids will be here in a few short weeks to visit, WAHOOO!!!!

Waiting for the Fireworks

He loves his Aunt Min

Being Crazy as Always

I Can Fly

Wrestle Mania

Loving the fireworks

Headed to the Parade

Trying to find our seats

All Ready

Carson listening for the Parade

Dad driving the float

Yummy, someone threw out popcicles

Opening Presents

Our Little Cowboy

Listening to the National Anthem

Carson and Grandma Claudia

Way into the Bulls
Crazy Bull Rider

Again Attempting a Family Picture after the Rodeo