Monday, June 28, 2010

Future Golfer

Carson is definitely taking after the boys in the family. He loves to golf. A few weeks ago he was watching golf with Chill and he said, "Daddy, I used to golf." He was dead serious too. We have recently realized he is a left handed golfer. Time for some new clubs. Right now he just turns his upside down to golf. We took him in to try some left handed clubs and sure enough, he's a lefty. He doesn't miss a thing when we talk about him because when he talks about golf, he lefts everyone know, "I'm a lefty."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunny St. George

When Chill has time off, what does he do? Golf, Golf, and more Golf. If he could he would golf everyday, but unfortunately his schedule won't allow it. He finally had a week break so we headed down to St. George with his family so he could golf. It was hot but we had a great time. I of course did not golf, but found plenty to do to keep busy with the little dude. I spent a lot of time with Chill's mom and grandma. We made the cutest quilt and just had a good time. Carson enjoyed every minute of it and spent most of his time looking for the cat who hid the entire time we were there. Chill was happy because he spent much of his time on the golf course. This trip was definitely for him!

Taking a walk with Grandma Gen

Looking for the darn cat

Celebrating Grandpa Blaine's birthday

Teasing Grandpa

Mom and Carson

Carson and Grandma Claudia

Playing in the Water

Hanging out with Grandma Gen and Grandma Claudia

Sewing Fun!


Trying to get Grandpa to throw a "Snap" at his chest

4 Generations
( I don't do his hair like that, but he loves it when it is crazy and Chill wouldn't let me fix it!)
Attempting to take a family picture

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I know we were just there, but I made a last minute decision to go with my family to Arizona for my brother in law's graduation from Medical School. I am so glad we went. We had such a fun time as always. We spent 4 really hot days there, but filled them up as much as we could with activities. I didn't get very many good pictures and I didn't get any pictures at graduation- they are all on my sister and my mom's cameras. We are so proud of Jared and his hard work the past 4 years. We know what a sacrifice it is to make it through Medical School and he did awesome. He is going to make a great doctor. They are off to Florida for intern year and then we'll see where their journey goes after that. We love you guys.
Congrats Dr. and Mrs. Jared Heaton...ha ha!!!

Waiting on the curb for Jared to pick us up- Carson had to copy everything Grandpa was doing

So happy to be with Lexi Lou again

Taking care of Beans when he was sad!

Ready for the pool

Playing at the park

Memorial Day

Okay so I know I'm a little behind, but hey I'm busy...or am I just Lazy? I have always spend Memorial Day in Idaho with my family visiting the cemetery, but this year we spent it with Chill's family and had a fun and eventful day. We took Carson fishing at a little pond and didnt' have much luck, but it was fun.

We went to the park and played for a bit and then watched a little Memorial Day tribute and watched the jets fly over. It was really neat. It was nice to stop for a minute and think also about our loved ones that are no longer with us.

We flew kites in the back yard. Carson loved this but every now and again would just let go of the kite string and grandpa would have to run and retrieve the kite.

We attempted fishing again in the river by Chill's parents house and had much more luck. The best thing was we caught most of the fish on Carson's little dinky fishing pole. I'm not sure what he liked or drinking Chill's Pepsi!