Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Month Appointment

Okay so I took Carson in for the regular check up last week. It feels like you spend most of your time at the dr for the first few years of a child's life. Seriously. Well it hit me that Carson is growing up so fast. They had him stand on the scale and I almost cried. He is too big for the baby scale we used to lay him on. I almost wanted to clap because I was so proud of him for standing on the scale like a big boy. How pathetic am I. Anyhoo, Carson only weighs 20.1 lbs. He is such a skinny little man. That puts him in the 4th, yes that is right 4th percentile for weight. Carson was super tired when we went in and all he wanted was his bottle. Well I was hiding it because I knew the doctor would give me a hard time if he saw Carson with the bottle. He told me at his 12 month appointment it was time for the bottle to go. I just couldn't do it. I mean really how do you take a bottle away from your little man. He just loves it. I was seriously doing anything possible to keep him occupied. Well the dr started asking about his eating habits (which are HORRIBLE...seriously the kid doesn't eat). He asked about the bottle and I was going to lie and say he rarely takes it but I just blurted out the truth. So once again I got a little talking too about how I need to get him off the bottle. I still didn't want to and at that moment had not intensions of taking it away. Well we found out too Carson has a double ear infection. I had no idea. What kind of mom doesn't know their kid has an ear infection. Well we walked out of there with a prescription, a sucker, and one sad boy with a bandaid from his shot. Overall Carson is a very healthy,cute....and SKINNY BOY!!


Good News is...Carson is off the bottle. Yes I finally committed myself to weaning from the bottle and we have done it. It really wasn't that hard and Carson has done well. I hope I haven't emotionally scarred him forever. He seems okay. I am happy to say the kid actually does eat and he eats a lot. Seriously I think the kid has eatten more this past week than he has the past year. He is constantly hungry. It is actually kind of nice. We went to lunch the other day with my sisters and he ate. That never happens. In fact he stole Mindi's corndog and started chowing down. I have serciously just been in awe because it was always such a struggle to get him to eat and now he has no problem. It's great. Guess the doctor was right!!!

*Carson loves DOGS, blowing, bubbles, reading, books, Lexi and Logan, popsicles, chocolate, Swimming, being outside and his latest...Food- especially pasta, pb&J, yogurt and string cheese!
*He tries to say say everything we say. It sounds so cute when he says words like outside, purple, horse, bubble, grandma, grandpa, Babes, Nat, Min, doctor, shoes, bottle, and much more
*He has little Nike sandals that he just loves. He acts like he is so cool and owns the world when he wears them.
*Loves to be independent and walk everywhere by himself.
*Runs away from me and laughs when I tell him to come back
*Throws EVEYTHING on the floor and laughs
*Thinks when you count to 3 you are supposed to throw something
*Loves to play golf
*Doesn't cry when you put him down for naps/bed (it is a much welcomed change in our home)
* Says "no, no, no" and shakes his finger when he is doing something he isn't supposed to
*Really loves his grandparents and gets so excited when they are around
Carson just gets more fun everyday and I tell Chill everyday I am so in love with our Little Man

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun

Our summer so far has been so much fun. My sister Nat and her kids Logan and Lexi came home from Arizona for the summer and we have been having lots of fun. Carson absolutely adores Lexi and wants to be with her at all times. I myself am such a slacker and have really neglected my blog. I wanted to say that I was going to take a summer vacation from my blog, but then I feel guilty for not posting (mostly for my own sake so that I can make a book of our year). I'm not sure why I resent my blog so much but I really do. Ha Ha!!! Anyway that is beside the point. Summer for Chill is now over. I think he is pretty sad about it. Back to real life! He started his residency about 3 1/2 weeks ago and is super busy. He is enjoying it but we don't see him much. I kind of feel like we've been through this before so Carson and I just stay busy and it makes the time pass quickly. I'm just going to give the shortened version of all that has been going on in our family.

Arctic Circle

We of course have to hit up the local Arctic Circle when Lexi is in town. Carson could actual play around on the slide adn stuff now that he can walk. He did have a little accident while he was trying to go down the slide. He fell and hit his face. He had quite the bloody nose and because these places are not made for adutls, I had a very difficutl time getting to him. I'm sure it was not a pretty sight as I tried to squish my big butt in the tunnel to pull him out!

Yeah the left overs of his bloody nose...look at that shirt!

Little Lexi can tell she HATES the camera!

Fathers Day

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day. We spent the evening with Chill's family having a bbq. It's so fun to celebrate Father's Day with Chill. Chill and I both have wonderful dad's as well that we love so much.

Happy Birthday Dad

We were able to celebrate my dad's birthday on the 28th. I just love my dad so much and am so thankful for him in my life. There are definitely lots of days I wonder what I would do without him.

Mom and Dad

Grandpa and the Boys

The Big 58!

Swimming with Grandma Claudia

I took Carson and Lexi swimming down in Lehi with Chill's mom and his aunt Lynda. Carson and Lexi both love the water so we had a great time. Carson's favorite thing right now is bubbles and Lexi is so sweet and just sits and blows bubbles for him. We had such a good time swimming we took Chill back with us the next day for more fun.

Handsom Little Man
Lexi and Carson


Carson LOVES to put his face in the water

One Happy Boy

Happy Birthday Brent and the 4th of July

We were able to celebrate the 4th with my family at the West Bountiful Parade on June 27th. On the 4th went to Oakley for a bbq and the Oakley Rodeo with Chill's family. Carson seemed to enjoy the rodeo and was mesmerized by the fireworks!!! My family went to Idaho Falls for Brent's birthday. We are sad we missed the party. Happy Late Birthday B!!!

Babes and Beans

Lexi Lou

Carson just walking the parade route

Waving to get some candy

Carson and Daddy and 2 suckers!

Dipping his head in the water...he thought that was so FUNNY!

So much fun

4 Wheelin with Grandpa- He fell asleep on the ride!

Our Little Cowboy

We look like we are really enjoying ourselves ha! We really did have such a fun time.

Thanks Doug and Claudia!

This is seriously the funniest face. This is how he looked while we watched fireworks!

Grandma B's Birthday
Mom planned to go up to grandma's house for her birthday so we could have a little celebration for her. Nat and Jared met us in Montpelier, ID and we were able to put some beautiful flowers on her grave and lexi decorated some balloons to send up to heaven. We of course had to eat at our favorite pizza place Studabakers! It was a great way to remember and celebrate Granny B!

Lexi's Balloon-Picture of Grandma B

At the Cemetery

Pretty Flowers

Up, Up, and Away

A few of the balloons got stuck...Min saved the day!

Pizza in Grandma's backyard!

We of course have much more to look forward to in the next few weeks, Bean's Birthday, 24th of July, Bear Lake and all that fun stuff, but I'm making no promises on posting it on the blog!