Thursday, June 18, 2009


We took a little family vacation to Arizona. We had to do something before Chill started working and with 4 years worth of Med School debt and no pay check yet, going somewhere exotic just wasn't in the plan. Chill came up with the idea of going to Arizona to stay with my sister and her family and I of course was in. I'm always up for heading to AZ. Now I don't want Nat and Jared to think they are second best (it's kind of how I made it sound). They are so good to us and we always have such a great time there. We truly felt that we were on a great vacation because they wait on us hand and foot pretty much. Plus we knew Carson would have a great time playing with the cousins. The weather was honestly perfect while we were there. We couldn't have picked a better week. We enjoyed swimming, shopping, swimming, eating out, swimming, the Phoenix Zoo, swimming and much, much more. Thanks to my sweet sister who offered to watch Carson, we were able to go out with Nick and Morgan one night which was a lot of fun. We were sad to leave, but Nat and the kids flew home the day after we did. We brought home a nasty cold and everyone is still trying to recover.