Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Mess

So like all little ones, Carson is really good at making a BIG mess really fast. Sometimes it is my own fault because of the things I put on his tray, but you get desperate at times to entertain them so they will stay put for a few minutes. I was making dinner so I gave him some strawberries and bananas and he ate those for a few minutes but pretty soon he was just throwing them on the floor. I decided that I'd give him a big bowl of cool whip to go with it and boy did he love that. A boy after my own heart. I think I could live on whip cream alone!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Granny B

My dear sweet Grandma Burgoyne passed away early this morning. I don't even have words to express how much I love and adore my little grandma. I had the wonderful opporunity of caring for her for the past week along side of my mom and Mindi. It was an amazing week full of laughter and tears and one that I will remember and treasure always. Grandma always took such good care of us and it was our turn to give back to her. To be able to sit by her side and hold her hand and she spoke so softly about being ready to pass from this life and into the next was just amazing. Grandma passed away peacefully as Mindi and I tucked her into bed. She was happy. She had a smile on her face and there was such a peace in the room. She knew it was her time to go and I know that without a doubt. She lived a wonderful and fulfilling life. She touched so many people. I am going to miss her sense of humor the most. As hard as it is here for all of us that love her so much, I know that she is so happy because she can finally be with her sweetheart who she has longed for for many years. I know grandma is in a better place and I know she was ready. I will forever be thankful for the wonderful example was was to me.
I love you Granny B.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter seemed very quiet this year. Nat and Jared are in Arizona, Brent was in Idaho and couldn't make it so it was me, Min, Carson and my parents. Last night at about 10:00 my mom and I decided we'd better dye some eggs so we did. It was actually a lot of fun. We only did a dozen but we still had a great time. Carson and I spent the night at my parents and I got up early to get ready for church. Now Carson is normally an early riser so I planned to have him find his easter basket and eggs before church. Well he ended up sleeping not like him! I did walk him around and helped him find a few eggs before I left. We had to wait until after my parents church was over at 4:00 before we could find our baskets (yes my mom put together an easter basket for me) We had a big yummy Easter dinner and then I made we found our baskets and ate lots of candy. I think Carson enjoyed Easter to the fullest with all the sugar and chocolate he could imagine!

Reunited and it Feels So Good!

It is true, Chill finally found his luggage. I was very relieved to hear that today. I've been all worried about him walking around in the same clothes for 3 1/2 days. I would seriously die. You know I would be out buying something new to wear, but I'm not sure Chill would. He probably didn't even think about it. Anyway after a few calls to Delta, life is good. Chill did say that things are a little more difficult in Russia than they are in the US. Not sure exactly what he means, but I do know it took awhile for them to let him leave with his luggage. So for those of you that were worried sick because of the fact that Chill did have clean underwear, deodorant, clean socks, etc. worry no more!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where's My Luggage?

Alright now I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I heard from Chill and he made it to Russia finally. The bad news...He can't find his luggage. I got on the phone and waited FOREVER to talk to a Delta representative. After searching for a bit, the nice lady on the phone informed me his luggage was in New York. That really isn't a good thing because the next flight out is not until tomorrow at 4 pm. She said she'd send them a message and get the luggage on that flight. Poor Chill doesn't have anything with him. He'll have to hang tight for a few more days until it gets there. I'm really not surprised it was lost because of all the changes that were made in his flight schedule. You know life just wouldn't seem normal to me if we didn't have all this excitement!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where in the World is Ryan Wilcox?

Once again Chill is off an an adventure around the world. His final destination is Russia, but you know I'm not sure if he will ever get there. It seems that it is always quite an ordeal when he travels anywhere, especially out of the country. It might have to do with the fact that he flies standby. You know he is very lucky that he has a good friend that has given him 2 buddy passes which really has been a blessing (otherwise he might not have been able to go), but flying standby can be quite a challenge. I once again agreed to let him take another 2 week trip to Russia. 2 weeks really doesn't sound too bad after having him gone for an entire month last summer. I can handle it, plus Carson and I are going to spend the week of my birthday in Arizona so it will all be good. I dropped Chill off at the airport this morning and a few minutes after I walked back in the door Chill called and said it wasn't looking good. He didn't think he'd get on the flight to Atlanta and because of spring break he couldn't use his buddy pass the rest of the weekend. If that were me I would start crying and demand that I just go home and feel bad for myself...not Chill, he found a flight to New York and hopped on in hopes that he'd be able to get on a flight to Moscow. Once in New York, he tried to get on the Moscow flight, but it was full. Chill either had to find a flight or he would just have to turn around and flight back home and he was not about to do that. His plan was to either hop on a plane to Germany and find a flight to Moscow, or just spend the night at JFK Airport and buy a ticket to Moscow tomorrow. Chill called me and had me search for a plane ticket. I literally had 10 minutes to find a flight and book it so that he would know what he needed to do. During that time he found out he could get on the flight to Germany in about 5 minutes and fly business class so he of course couldn't pass that up. I think his exact words were, "it is so much better to fly across the ocean in business class." Before I knew it he was on a plane bound for Germany and I needed to find a flight from Germany to Moscow. Long story short, $358 later I found a flight and he should be on his way to Moscow tomorrow evening and arrive in Russia sometime early Saturday morning. So really at this point I have no idea where in the world Chill is. I assume by tomorrow morning he will be in Germany, but hey after all the chaos, you never know. I'm just glad it's not me in the situation because I would be a nervous wreck. He acted like it was no big deal and he was determined to get there. I'll keep you posted!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Boy

Yes is it true. Carson is now a year old. I can't believe it has been an entire year, but it has been a great one. All the diapers, sleepless nights, screaming, biting, hair pulling, and messes have been well worth it. We love our little guy and can't imagine life without him. We of course had to have a big party. We got our family and some friends together on Sunday to celebrate the big day. Carson had a great time and definitely loved the cake. He had no problem digging right in and I finally had to take it away from him. He might have eaten the entire cake! He was so funny with his gifts... he was excited about everything, even all the clothes he got. I know he absolutely LOVED all the attention he got. He is an extremely busy boy and such a joy to be around.


Even though we had celebrated on Sunday, I thought Carson still needed to have some cake on his birthday. Everyone needs cake on their birthday right? I am such a mean mother and scheduled his one year check up on his birthday so yes...he had to get shots. He does really well with shots though so I knew it wouldn't be that bad. He did spend a lot of the day sleeping because of that. We also spent some time with my mom running errands and buying a few more things for Carson. Chill and I had Young Mens and Young Womens so we packed Carson and we went ice skating. Carson and I didn't get on the ice, but Chill did and had a great time. I think it was a good end to a wonderful birthday!

Here are some pictures from the past year!

A Few Days Old

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months