Saturday, February 28, 2009

11 Months Old

One more month and our little guy will be a year old. It's amazing how fast the year has gone and it has been wonderful. Carson is so much fun and puts a smile on my face everyday. He is changing and growing everyday. I think he is really close to hitting the 20 lb. mark which I am happy about. He is just such a skinny dude. He is really trying to talk and can kind of say a few words like "hi" "ball" "woof" and of course "dad" and "mom." The other day I was walking in the grocery store and a lady and her two little boys were walking out. Carson looks over at them and says "hi." The lady was so impressed and said "wow, he's pretty young to be talking." I just smiled and kept walking. I didn't want to tell her that is about all he says...I just wanted her to think my little man is super smart! He just started using his little toy that helps him walk. He cruises around on that thing like crazy. I was starting to get worried that he wasn't intersted in walking, but as long as he has his little toy to push, he'll cruise around. He loves to play golf (well it's more like hockey how he plays) He loves Chill and I to chase him around the house and he is learning what the word "no" means. He is pretty good at shaking his head now and when he does something he knows he's not supposed to, he starts shaking his head. He is starting to be really strong willed and throws a bit of a tantrum at times. He can do the whole "wet noodle" move and squirm out of your arms when he doesn't want to do go down for a nap. I just am not sure I am ready for all this. Inspite of all that I absolutely love this little guy and am so happy to have him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Chocolate?

Yes Carson finally had his first real taste of chocolate and LOVED it. I've really been holding off giving him too many sweets and especially chocolate. Well that all changed tonight. We were at Chill's parents for dinner and we had chocolate covered fortune cookies (which were so dang good). Well all night he was after them and we were teasing him a little. He finally got his hands on one of them and took a big bite out of it. He was so happy and loving it so much that we just couldn't pull it away from him. It was funny and so cute. He was seriously devouring the cookie. So once again I caved and let him eat chocolate!


That's Good

Sharing with Aunt Lynda

Sharing with Daddy

Now that's really good...just can't get enough!

Face off with Uncle John


So my mom was totally giving me crap this week because I was telling her how much I hate...well dislike Valentine's Day and always have. My mom seems to LOVE the day. She always gave us nice little gift (and still does). This year she was baking up a gourmet cherry heart-shaped pie for my dad. I guess when I was younger it always seemed to be such a huge disappointment because I didn't have someone to celebrate with. Well apparently I never got over all that. Chill is great and always makes the day fun, but still every year my attitude is the same. You would think now that I've been married for a few years I'd be past that, but no. Anyway I figured this year would be the same. I felt that I was kind of off the hook and wouldn't have to celebrate because we were going to be in St. George with some friends. Well we ended up not going so I had to face it. Valentine's Day was coming and I was going to have to deal with it. I was hanging out with my mom Friday and she told me Chill and I should go out and her and my dad would watch Carson. We decided to do that. We had a great night. We went to Desert Edge for dinner. Real casual but way good. Then we walked around Trolly Square for a bit and ran some errands. I gave Chill a Cheesecake that I made (well my mom made it while I was taking wallpaper off her walls but he doesn't need to know that so shhh!) Saturday started out very uneventful...Chill went to the school to do some research and I went out to my parents to work on steaming wallpaper off the walls once again. We met back at home later that afternoon and when I walked in the door there were some beautiful flowers waiting for me on the table. I was really excited. I love getting flowers. Chill and I started cleaning the house and he was asking me if I had taken a shower. I thought maybe I smelled or something. He said it a few times and I kind of just ignored him. I thought...why would I shower before I clean the house and why does he car...weird! He finally told me his parents were on their way over to watch Carson so that we could go to dinner and a movie. We went to Chili's for dinner (with the gift card we got from my mom and dad) and then we saw He's Just Not That Into You. We finished off the night with some chocolate covered strawberries- Yummy! Once again we had a great night and Chill came through and made my Valentine's Day wonderful. Guess it's not so bad after all!

Our Happy Man- He Loves Valentine's Day Already!

Working Hard
(Remind me NEVER to hang wallpaper)

Pretty Flowers

Monday, February 9, 2009

10 Months Old

Carson is now 10 months old (well he was on January 31st) I thought I better post about my little buddy. He is just getting so big I can't believe it. He is crawling all over the place and has been for about a month. You know I was so excited for him to crawl, but now I am wondering why I thought it was so great. I have to keep my eye on him every second because he is either getting into things or eating anything and everything he can find on the floor. I tell you this kid can spot a piece of lint on the floor and he is right there trying to eat it. He is so fun though.
Here is a little about him:
  • Weighs just over 18 pounds, yep he's a skinny little guy.
  • Has HUGE feet. Seriously they are really big.
  • Loves to climb all over Chill in the morning and slap him in the face while he laughs.
  • Screams with excitement all the time. He especially loves to do it in church.
  • Has a favorite book that we have to read a lot, Good Morning, Good Night
  • Is a tough little guy. He barely cries when he gets hurt and he has taken some bad falls.
  • Loves to bite and it hurts so dang bad...he has 6 teeth!
  • Has Chill and I wrapped around his finger and knows how to get what he wants.
  • Pulls himself up on anything and everything.
  • Loves to dance to music.
  • Is not even close to walking. We try to get him to do it, but no luck!
  • His new favorite seat in the house is our old school banana chair.
  • Loves pickles (a kid after my own heart).
  • Loves dogs and says "woof" when he sees them.
  • Isn't interested in TV...sometimes I try and get him to watch so I can take a break for a bit! He is really not interested.
  • Loves to be outside and gets so excited when we go out.
  • Loves cell phones and computers.
  • Will go to anyone.
  • He loves people, especially all the grandparents and other kids.
  • Still cries when I put him down for a nap and at night.
  • He is the cutest little dude we know!!!