Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nat

Monday was Nat’s birthday. She was up in Idaho Falls visiting Jared’s parents. The plan was to celebrate her birthday on the weekend when she is back in Bountiful, but birthdays are a big deal in our family so we decided we MUST celebrate with her on her birthday. My dad and I both wanted to make the trip to Idaho so I quickly packed Carson up and went to my parents house. Mindi, my mom and I ran around town getting birthday gifts, cards and a cake. By 3:00 p.m. we were off to Idaho Falls. We made it there in 2 ½ hours and it was time for the big surprise. We were planning on having Jared’s mom tell Nat she had a package at the door, but when we got there, Nat was downstairs feeding little Beans (aka Logan). We decided to just go in the house and wait for her to come up. It was so fun to be with her and spend time with everyone. We went out for Mexican food and then went back to the Heaton’s for cake, ice cream and presents. We made it back home just after 1:00 a.m. It was a quick trip but well worth the time.

Birthday Girl

The Gang


Saturday, December 6, 2008

8 Months Old

Yes our little dude is now 8 months old. I honestly can't believe it. He is so much fun though so I just love each month as it goes by. He really is such a good baby. I remember worrying so much when he was little that life would never feel normal with a baby. Well it does. It's weird to think how life was before we had Carson. He sure makes life much more fun for Chill and I. Carson is weighing about 18 lbs. (Only 2 lbs. more than his cousin Logan who is 4 months younger!) He loves to smile and absolutely loves to be the center of attention. When you talk to him he holds his pointer finger up as if to say he knows he is #1. He can crawl backward, but not forward (it just isn't making sense yet). He cut his first top tooth and is about to cut another one. I swear he'll have a mouth full of teeth when he is 1. He is sleeping through the night about 10 1/2 to 12 hours a night which is SO nice. He loves both sets of grandparents so much and gets overly excited when they come around. He learned to feed himself little things and loves to feed other people as well. He loves to stand up on the bench in church and wave at all the people behind him. He loves to play the keyboard. I swear he says "ma ma" when he talks to me...ha ha! I know there are many more things about our little man, but that is good for now.

Happy Birthday Claudia

It was my mother-in-law's birthday on November 25th. I know this post is so very late but I wanted her to know how much we love and appreciate her. A few weeks ago I was able to go out to lunch with all the girls and of course Carson and Grandpa Claude to celebrate Claudia's birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory which was super yummy. Happy (late) Birthday Claudia. We Love You! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us.

Thanksgiving in St. George

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with all of Chill’s family in St. George at his grandparent’s home. We had so much fun. We went down there on Wednesday afternoon. The trip down wasn’t too bad. Carson did great in the car. Chill’s Uncle Brian and Aunt Wendy were there as well along with two of their children, Coleman and Lexi. Lexi was so sweet and played with Carson a lot. The Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy. Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorites! The boys were able to golf a few times and the girls were able to do some much needed shopping. Grandma Gen was so sweet and babysat Carson for a few hours while Claudia, Mandy, and I went out shopping. The weather was beautiful. I was a little worried about the trip and ruining Carson’s sleeping pattern. He’d been sleeping through the night for over a month and I didn’t want to have to start over when we got home. The first few nights were a little rough because we were sharing a bed with Carson. By the third night Chill and I decided to sleep out in the front room on the floor and let Carson have the bedroom and the bed all to himself. Well that plan worked great. He slept through the night for two nights and Chill and I got our sleep so all was well. Thanks Blaine and Gen for letting us take over your house for a few days. We had so much fun!!!

Way Behind!

I know I haven't blogged for ever. I apologize for that. I haven't neccessarily been too busy, I just haven't wanted to blog. You know how it happens sometimes. I am going to attempt to get caught up with all the fun things we have done lately. I'm doing it mainly for my sake, but also for those that enjoy reading our blog.