Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last week I was able to visit my friend Melanie who I haven't seen if a long time. Her little boy Roc is darling. She is about to have a baby girl next week and I am so excited for her. Chill and I were also about to get together with the Phungs last night who we haven't seen forever. We went out for a bite to eat and catching up. It was nice to have a little much needed adult interaction. Their little man Kyson is so funny! He is a very busy boy and I just love his hair!

Carson and Roc

Stephen, Kyson, Carson, and Chill

Sitting Up

Carson is finally sitting up on his own. Like always I'm a little late posting. For weeks he has been wobbling back and forth, but he has it down now. He is just so dang cute. I just can't believe how fast he grows and changes!!! He'll be 6 months next week. CRAZY!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally...A Normal Weekend

This past weekend was wonderful. Chill, Carson and I were finally able to spend the entire weekend together. It has been a very long time since that has happened. Chill's rotation right now is Mon-Fri 8-5 (somedays earlier) and it is wonderful. I actually felt like a normal famiily for the weekend. On Friday night we were able to go to the State Fair. I love the state fair. I'm not sure if its all the weird interesting people that I can stare at for hours, or the yummy Frozen Lemonade. Probably a little of both. Anyway Carson had a great time. He didn't really know what to think of it all, but he was really good the entire time. He loves his stroller so he was happy.

On Saturday Chill was able to go golfing with his dad and brother Brett and then Chill, Carson, Brett and I went to Iggy's for dinner and to watch the Utah vs. Utah State game. I had the NASTIEST salad (Chinese Chicken Salad). Don't EVER get it. I ate 2 bites and was not happy about it. Chill was nice enough to eat the salad without complaining and he gave me his fries and burger! In the end everyone seemed happy and we had a great time.

Sunday was Regional Conference and we were able to go to the conference center. We had great seats right down on the floor just a few rows back. Not sure how we pulled that one off, but we weren't complaining. It was a great conference and the Prophet spoke which made it even better. It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside for awhile after, took some pictures and then headed home.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Time Has Come

Well after much resistance, Chill and I decided it was finally time to move Carson to his own room and into his crib. It was a tough decision for me, but it had to be done. His room is upstiars and ours is downs and I just didn't want him to be that far away. He has been spending the last 5 1/2 months in our room in a pack n play. I'm not sure why we didn't move him sooner. I mean he has this beautiful crib that Chill's mom bought for us and I know it is way more comfortable than the pack n play. I just loved having him right by my bed and the convienence of feeding him right there. After much talk I agreed that I would move him after we got montitors. Well I put that off for a really long time and then we finally made a trip to the store and got the video monitor I wanted. It is the coolest thing ever. We have some friends that have them and I've wanted it ever since I saw it. I am happy to say Carson is now sleeping in his own bed in his own room and has done for the past three nights. He still is not sleeping through the night, but I am planning to work on that one next. One step at a time.

Summer Is Over!

My family took the annual Bear Lake trip. I always know that summer is pretty much over after we go to Bear Lake. We usually go sometime in August, but this year we went in September due to the arrival of our nephew Baby Beans!!! It was a little chilly this time of year, but we still enjoyed ourselves very much. We spend a lot of time inside playing games, playing the wii, watching tv, swimming, and reading. (Well Mindi and Brent spent a lot of time reading which was totally annoying). I went up with my family on Tuesday and Chill was able to join us on Friday afternoon. I was able to go golfing with the boys 3 times. It was a lot of fun although I'm not sure that golf is really my sport. I'm terrible at it! There weren't many people on the golf course when were were out so we had a great time playing around and taking our time. The one problem with going so late in the season is everything closes really early, is only open on weekends, or not open at all. Carson had a great time at the indoor pool. He loves the water and even went under a few times thanks to my brother (which I freaked out about, but he lived so it's all good). Although we had a great time, Bear Lake just wasn't the same because Jared, Nat, Lexi, and Logan weren't able to make it this year. Nat aka "The Beach Nazi" was not there to pull us out of bed every morning and make us get ready to go to the beach. We only went to the beach one day because we are so lazy!!! We enjoyed relaxing, but really missed them. Luckily we are all going back in December to enjoy time with everyone. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun trip! We loved it!!! (I have a lot more pictures but they are all on moms camera, I'll post better ones later)