Monday, March 31, 2008

He's Here!!

Peanut Wilcox is here. Stef did awesome, Chill delivered the little guy like a champ and Peanut is taking after his dad....calm, cool and absolutely chill.


Name: Peanut still undecided

Weight: 8 lbs 14.5 oz

Time: 4:58 pm

Length: 20"


Stef was induced at 9 this morning. It is now 3:30pm and she just jumped from a 5 to a 10 in about 1 hour (trying not to be too graphic). The next post will be of Peanut Wilcox!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday is a GO!!!

So Chill and I went to the doctor today and things went well. We talked for a bit and then it was the moment of truth. He checked me and said I am at about a 2 1/2 and 90% effaced. After he checked me he said that Monday is a go and he had no concerns about me being far enough along by then. I'll be honest, I didn't know what to think. I was excited, shocked, scared, nervous, all at the same time. I mean now this is real. The doctor said if I didn't feel ready we could just cancel for Monday and let it just happen. I told him I felt more comfortable with a plan. So he told me I can't eat anything after midnight on Sunday, especially not a big pork chop! He's great. He told me I need to take it easy Friday and most of Saturday because he is going to be out of town until Saturday evening. I told him there was no way I could have this baby without him so he didn't need to worry about me going into labor while he was gone. I would die if another doctor delivered my baby. (okay so I wouldn't literally die, it would just be hard). So it looks like this will be the last few days before Chill and I are parents. That is a scary thought. I am happy though that Monday will work. I'd much rather plan it than just wait for it to happen. So there you go. There is the update. I guess I better go pack my bag and be ready!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and the Wii

So today was a great day. We went to church at our ward which was great and then we went over to my parents for dinner and a little fun. We all got Easter baskets with treats and some money which was awesome! We had a wonderful dinner of ham, potatoes, veggies, etc. It was great! Chill and Brent both got hair cuts from Mindi before she took off to the airport. She is off to Arizona to visit Nat, Jared, and Lexi. All the girls will be coming back on Thursday night so they can be here for the birth of our little one. I'm so excited to see them. After the hair cuts Min left for the airport and it was time for a few games on the Wii. We made Grandma B come down and watch us play. We bowled a few games and I did really well. I was surprised. We also played golf and well, I'm not even going to talk about how that went. Let's just say maybe golfing isn't for me. I had to take it kind of easy because I can't do anything that will tempt my body into labor. I was trying hard not to get all excited and worked up as we played. I remained fairly calm and if I started acting at all excited or nervous, Brent would calm me down. Ha Ha!! I told Brent to come home again next weekend and I'd play anything with him because after Friday, I don't care if I go into Labor. I told Chill I am going to walk everywhere I go next weekend and hope it will help my labor progress. Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, Min, and Brent for making our Easter so fun.

Brent and bowling. He thinks he is just the man when he is playing!!
This is me and my bowling position. I think it worked to my advantage.
Grandma B watching us play! She was loving it. We tried to get her to play, but she turned us down. I think if we keep working at it, we'll get her to play sometime!
Here are our scores. I had to take a picture because I was so proud. I kept up with the boys. Although I lost, I was only 2 points behind Brent!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay so I know many of you are probably checking the blog regularly and wondering what is going on and how I am looking these days. Well huge and uncomfortable would be a few words that I could use to describe myself right now. It's only been the past few days that I have been really uncomfortable though so I can't complain. All in all things have been great. I've been really lucky. I'm still working and staying busy. I figure I might as well while I can. I had two of my clients place their babies for adoption last week so it was a really busy week for me. The week just flew by. I went to the doc on Wednesday and found out things are starting to happen. I was dialated to a 1 and 70% effaced! Crazy huh. I'll be honest, I was hoping the doc would say...sorry things just aren't happening yet. Part of me wanted to ask if there was any way to sew it up a little down there because I'm not quite ready to be progressing. Ha Ha. I mean how many people ask to slow things down when they are almost 39 weeks. I know I'm crazy. I really don't want to have the baby until after the 28th. Chill will be done with his rotation and his tests. Plus my sisters won't be in town until the 27th. It would just work out SO much better for all of us. Do you love how I think I can totally plan for when this baby is going to come. Anyway so I decided I better put myself on a self induced bed rest if I plan to keep this baby in for another week. Well that only lasted a few minutes because then I decided I better go to work. I am taking it really easy though for the most part. Yes I am playing it up to my advantage. Especially when I am working over at dad's shop. I am going to the doc again this Wednesday and if I have progressed more and if he thinks I'll be at least a 3 by Monday March 31st, then my doc will induce me. Can you believe it? One more week. I am a freaking out a little and I think I'm still in denial! So there is the update. I'll try and post something again after the appointment on Wednesday.

So here I am! I know my face is getting really round huh! Ha Ha.
I'm just checking out my big belly. It's really sticking out there.
Don't I look cute. He He! I definitely look really pregnant.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Car Troubles!

Well it's a sad sad day. My car is having major issues again. I swear every time mom and dad go out of town I have a major car crisis. Maybe it's better that way though so mom doesn't have to worry and dad doesn't have to stress. So here is what happened. Wednesdays for me are always very long and busy days. I had staff meeting from 8:30 to 1:00. Then I had to throw some paperwork together, do some casenotes, and then run out to Salt Lake to visit one of my clients in the hosptial. I was only going to spend an hour or so at the hosptial because I had to be back to my office in Centerville to meet with another client at 5:30. Things were going oh so well until I pulled into the parking garage at the hospital. I started smelling this weird smell and I figured it was just another car. The parking garage at LDS Hospital is always packed. Anyway I finally found a parking spot after driving around forever and I smelled smoke really bad. Well come to find out the smoke is coming from MY CAR! Yeah totally smoking like crazy. I was just looking at the smoke and thought, well I gotta get to the hosptial so I'll deal with this later. I get out of the car and I see this trail of antifreeze all the way down the parking lot. I'm talking A LOT of anitfreeze. I thought I'd better get out of there before anyone saw me. I mean it was very obvious where the antifreeze was coming from...MY CAR. I ran into the hosptial to take care of business. On the way I called my second father- Mike Evans who works for dad at the shop- and he told me not to worry about it and he would take care of everything. He said he'd send a tow truck for my car and a ride for me when I was ready to go. What a relief! So I was able to meet with my client in the hosptial which went really well and then when I got done, Mike was on his way to pick me up from the hospital. I am lucky to have so many people that take such good care of me, especially when dad is out of town. Mike had also arranged another car for me to drive so that I could make it back to work by 5:30. Hopefully they can fix my car so that I can be back on the road again. Car problems are just SO frustrating!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's the Deal?

Alright so I just have to complain for a minute! So I'm not sure if other people have this problem but I can't wear a pair of nylons without getting a hole in them the first time I wear them. It doesn't matter what kind I buy or how much money I spend, I always get a hole in them in the toes. I've been wearing thigh-highs recently which I LOVE! Control top nylons and a big pregnant belly just don't go well together (unless you are Nat, he he!) Anyway part of the dress code at LDS Family Services is nylons. Well for over a year and a half I refused to wear them. A lady from headquarters came to visit our agency and interviewed each of us. I of course was NOT wearing nylons and she said to me..."so I see you don't like our nylon policy" I tried to come up with a great excuse but all I could say was, "no I don't like nylons because I end up getting a hole in them the first time I wear them and I just don't want to spend $7 a week on nylons." I don't think she was too happy with my answer, but I didn't get fired. I've tried to be better about wearing them, but am still having the same problem. All of my nylons are coated with clear polish on the toes to try and salvage them! If any of you have a solution, I would love to hear it!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mindi Sissorhands!

So this post is more for Nat and Brent. So my dad is ALWAYS on ebay bidding on something. We are always laughing at him because he is a little addicted! You just never know what he is going to buy, and sometimes if you are lucky, he buys something for you. Well one day he presented Mindi with 5 pairs of sissors for her to cut hair. Min leaves her sheerz at work many times and so when someone needs a hair cut when she is at home, sometimes you are just out of luck. Well dad had a solution to this problem (or so he thought). Mind tested out the new sissors on Chill. It was quite a show. Dad was adjusting each pair and using WD-40 to make them work better and Mindi was complaining the whole time about how horrible they were. In the end, Chill got a pretty good hair cut. Thanks Min!