Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Okay everyone, it's time again for my monthly update. I am the worst blogger on the earth I know and most of you probably get sick of waiting for updates and I apologize. I always use the excuse that life is crazy...and it is. I have two clients that I have been working with about 2 to 3 times a week and it takes up a lot of my time. Both of them are due next week so hopefully after next week, things will slow down and I can start preparing for motherhood. Ha Ha. Anyway I just needed to thank Marsha, Katie, and Dee Dee for throwing me a family baby shower. We had it on February 23rd up in Logan. It was SO much fun! Lots of the family traveled hours to make it to the shower and I really appreciated it. It is always fun to get the girls together. We had GREAT FOOD and I got some great stuff. People were just so nice and so generous in the gifts that they gave. Here are a few pictures from the shower.

These were the cute party favors. Candy bars with this cute wrapper.
Mom, Mindi, Grandma B and Me! Wow now that is a belly!
My best friend Shell (Sargie) was able to make it. I haven't seen her forever so I was glad she made it. There were many more pictures taken of the shower, but I thought I'd post just a few.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Day!

So today was such a fun day. It started early this morning with my mom bringing my dad's truck over to my house so that we could go pick up the nursery furniture. Poor Chill having to do most of the work by himself. I know he was thinking my mom and I (mainly me) weren't much help as we tried to carry the heavy boxes into the house. The good news is, I can tell people I have my crib. (It is not put together, but it is in the house so that counts right?) After picking up the furniture I had to cruise over to a ward baby shower that Molly threw for me with the help of Ayesha and Micheal. It was so much fun. We had waffles, bagels, muffins, etc. played a game, and enjoyed each others company. I got some really cute things for the baby and can't wait to put them to good use. My mom also came with me and got to meet all the fun girls from my ward. It was fun to have my mom with me, plus she gave me some really cute clothes, a blanket, and a stuffed animal. Moms are the best! After the shower it was off to the mall for my mom and I. We made a stop at motherhood maternity and then we both had to get home to plan our lessons for Sunday. When I got home Chill was doing some plumging projects and there was a nasty odor in the house. I thought I really might die. I stayed in the house as long as I could and then told Chill we had to get out. We went to look for a washer and dryer, but the store we went to was closed :( We haven't had a washer and dryer for quite sometime due to some plumbing problems and so home repairs and remodels so I have been hauling my laundry to my parents house a few times a week I have been spoiled becasue my mom does my laundry for me. How pathetic am I... My mom still does my laundry! Since the store was closed it was off to Lowe's to get clothes rods for our closet. Now to all of you that might not seem exciting, but to me it was music to my ears when Chill said he'd hang the rods today. I have not had a closet for almost a year. My clothes have been in a room upstairs scattered all over the place. I was so happy and so excited to bring my clothes downstairs. I can't believe I am going to be able to get dressed right in the comfort of my own bedroom, it is so wonderful! We don't have doors yet for the closet, but it's all good. We'll get to that soon. Chill and I both organized our clothes in the closet and then called it a day. This was a big day for me and now I am exhausted and ready to go to bed!

Some of the cute girls from my ward. I forgot to take pictures during the shower so to those of you that were at the shower and not in this picture...I am really sorry. I was just having so much fun and forgot to get my camera out. Thanks again girls for the FUN TIME! (In the picture: Rebecca, Ayesha, Michael, Me, and Molly)

The cute gifts I received at the shower. I was so happy to see that they really do make cute stuff for boys. Blue is going to be my new favorite color that is for sure.

Chill hanging up the clothes rods. Who knew I could get so excited over something like this.

Here is our happy little closet with all our clothes in it. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have my clothes downstairs again. The only problem is about 90% of them don't fit me right now!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I took one last trip to Arizona with my mom, dad, and Brent before the baby comes. (Min and Chill both had to work and couldn't make it) Mom and dad left Wednesday afternoon and drove to Arizona and Brent and I flew on Thursday morning. We had such a great time and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't want to come home because I knew more snow was on the way. We did a lot of shopping, eating, and just hanging out. It was a much needed vacation. It was nice to get away and enjoy the sun. I flew home on Monday (dr.'s orders) and Mom, Dad, and Brent made the long road trip home. These are the only pictures I took on the trip.

Lexi's favorite thing to do was feed the ducks right outside of their apartment with grandma. I tried to take a picture of her feeding the ducks, but she ran off before I got the picture.

We celebrated Lexi's birthday while we were there. We had a party with presents and cupcakes. I told her I wanted to take a picture and this is what I got!

We went to the grocery store and while everyone shopped, Lexi and I went and got a donut. She only wanted the chocolate frosting so she at the top off the donut and left the rest.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grandma Feet

Okay so I know this picture is not great (photography isn't my thing). I had planned to go to Arizona to visit Nat and Jared and after talking to my dr. I found out it was okay for me to fly, but that I needed to buy some compression socks. I did what I was told and went and got myself some knee highs. I chose what I thought was a good color, but I came to find out that it was a total grandma color. I had to wear them and I was not about to go pay $15 for another color. I wore them and really loved them. They are very comfortable. The only problem is they just make your feet look so grandmaish. Well I flew home Monday morning, ran home, put on a skirt, grabbed some black shoes and ran to work. When I got to work all I could do was look at my feet and laugh. I kind of felt stupid for wearing my goofy socks and then to top it off the shoes were just ugly! I just dealt with it for the rest of the day. I couldn't wait to get home and get those off of my feet!

Monday, February 11, 2008

32 Weeks

I thought I'd better post a picture of myself so you can all see just how big I am getting. Pregnancy really takes a toll on your body. I just keep getting bigger and bigger! For the most part things have been great. I do get some back pain if I am on my feet too long, but I think that is pretty normal. I have been feeling good and I am still sleeping through the night. I am enjoying my sleep while I can because I know in a few months everything is going to change!