Monday, January 21, 2008

We Are Still Alive!

From looking at my blog, you would think that something had happened to Chill and I because I have not posted anything in nearly a month. Well the good news is we are still alive. The bad news is, I'm a horrible blogger! Chill is back in school doing his rotation at the VA Hosptial here in Salt Lake. I think he is enjoying it. This is his last week there and then he is off to work in a clinic in Salt Lake. I am just working as usual. I took a lot of time off in December so now I am trying to make up for it. I am now beginning to realize that is it crunch time and we need to get the nursery ready. I have put it off long enough. I am still looking for nursery furniture, but I finally ordered some bedding. This is our next big project in the house. Things are coming along with our other projects. Last week we traded our TV in for a bigger one and now life is great. The picture of our TV stand and TV isn't that great, but you can kind of see how it looks. The bathroom is still coming along. Chill just needs a few more days and we will be close. We moved the vanity in this weekend which was a bigger task than we had anticipated. We haven't hooked anything up yet, but it is nice to have it in the house. It's been out in the garage since last April I think. Thanks to Steve and Diana for their help moving it in. Chill is already looking for another project to do after the baby is born. I told him maybe we could relax and enjoy being parents for a while before we start messing up the house again. Ha Ha.