Saturday, December 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

So December has been a busy month for us. It came and went so fast. It is crazy to think that in a few days it will be 2008. Chill has been out of school since December 14. It's been nice having him around. He has spent much of his time working on the bathroom and fixing up the laundry room. I am happy to say that it is coming right along. There is hope! He finished painting last week and him and his dad started laying the tile. It's amazing to think that after almost a year we will finally have another bathroom. I'm just wondering what his next project will be.

Chill is priming the walls to get them all ready to paint

Putting the first coat of paint on

Doug and Chill's beautiful work

Happy that they are done for the day

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Fun

Chill and I had a great Christmas. We spent half of our time with my family and half of our time with his family. It was a busy few days but we had a lot of fun. It all started Sunday night with the Wilcox family annual progressive dinner. That is always a lot of fun and something we look forward to. We went to three different house for three different courses- appetizers, salads, dinner/dessert. We had yummy food and played the white elephant gift game. On Sunday we went over to Chill's grandparents in Taylorsville for a yummy turkey and ham dinner and presents. After that was over we headed back to Bountiful to my parents house where we got to open our pjs and do our traditional Christmas Eve. We spent the night at my parents and got up and opened presents with them Christmas morning. After breakfast, we got ready and headed down to Lehi to do Christmas with Chill's family. We opened presents and played "The Game." It is something we have done for the past three years now. Claudia (Chill's mom) always goes above and beyond to make the game fun. We win lots of good prizes and have a blast. I would say that we got spoiled by both families this year that is for sure. We are lucky to have such wonderful families!

Christmas Eve at Chill's Grandparents

Our new pjs- This is how Chill smiles in almost ALL our pictures!

Chill's favorite gift. All 3 Bring It On movies!

Chill trying on my Belly Band

Aren't we cute?

The Wilcox Family!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Poor Gingerbread House

We decided that for young womens one week we would make a gingerbread house and then deliver it to someone in the ward. Sadie and I went over to Molly's and got to work. We worked long and hard on the house while trying to decide who we should take it to. The finished product was beautiful and we were very proud. While the frosting was drying we were helping Sadie with some homework. This is where our sad story begins. Molly noticed the roof of the house falling off so she proped it up and we got back to the homework. A few minutes later we heard a thud. We looked over and part of our gingerbread house fell off, hit the floor and broke. Oh it was a sad moment. There was not reviving it at this point. We all picked up the pieces and threw it in the garbage. We obviously couldn't deliver it in that condition. Despite the tragic ending to our gingerbread house making, we had a great night!

Sadie and Molly showing off our work

Molly in shock that our gingerbread house was falling to pieces

Our pathetic gingerbread house

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our Beautiful Tree

We have had a tree for a few weeks now and I haven't even decorated it. Chill did put lights on the tree and put the star on top, but that is about it. I couldn't decide what colors I wanted to do on the tree so I have been procrastinating. I look at ornaments every time I'm at the store, but I just can't make a decision. I finally found a gold and red tree skirt the other day so I think I'll go with those colors. I was telling my sister that by the time I have all the ornaments I'll be ready for next years tree. We have to give credit to Chill's parents and his brother Brett for the tree. They went and cut it down for us. Chill had to work the day they went. They did a great job and we love our tree!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We're Number One!

Chill and I both got off work early and we went to the U of U vs. Utah State basketball game with Steve and Cherise. We had a great time although I was beat because it didn't start until 8:00 p.m. That is when I start getting ready for bed. Chill wore his Utah State t-shirt and then his red sweatshirt over that so that he could decide who to cheer for when he got to the game. The U played really well and won so he wore the red sweatshirt the entire time. I'm not sure Steve would have sat by him if he were cheering for Utah State. It was nice to get out and have some fun on a week night. That is very rare!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And How Did He Do That?

Chill and I were on our way to a doctors appointment. It was about 1:45 in the afternoon and we had just gotten off the freeway at 5400 South. As we were sitting at the red light I looked over and saw a few cars and a cop stopped in the middle of the intersection. At first I thought it might be a little fender bender, but then I realized that the cop had a slim jim and was trying to open the door. Somehow the guy in the SUV had locked his keys in his car in the middle of the intersection. Chill and I were both wondering how the heck he managed that one. Kind of random?

After the doctors appointment, we decided to run to TJ Maxx to look at tree skirts for our Christmas tree. We didn't find a tree skirt, but we did run over and check out some of the baby clothes while we are there. I started searching to racks and I hear Chill say, "Let's jump right to the good stuff" I look over and he is holding this big fluffy suit for the baby. He said if he had his choice that is what he would buy. I think he loved the fact that it was a bear. I was laughing so hard. I might consider it if our little guy was going to be born in the winter, but I just don't think it is going to work in the spring. After TJ Maxx we went to Borders to look at baby name books. We still can't find a name we both just love. Hey we have few more months.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday Fun

It was Nat's birthday and we were able to spend some time with my family. We went to Johnny Carino's for dinner and then went back to my parents house to open presents and have cupcakes and ice cream. We had a great time and Chill and our niece Lexi were pure entertainment for all of us. They played with the ribbon and wrapping paper for quite some time. It's easy to see who was winning that battle.

Take Advantage of It

So Chill and I have been able to spend some time together which has been really nice. Now when I say time, I mean a few hours here a few hours there, but I'll take any time I can get. After he got off work one day we thought we'd run over to RC Willey and check out a few things. It had been snowing so I of course wanted him to find the closest spot possible. He parks on the front row and out of the corner of my eye I see a sign that says "Reserved Parking for Expectant Mothers." So Chill backs the car up and moves into that spot. The best part about it was, it was only about 3 parking spaces from where we had originally parked. Chill looked at me and said, "Hey we gotta take advantage of it while we can.