Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If my husband won't support me...the GOVERNMENT will!!!

Okay so the good news of the day is that we got accepted for medicaid. We had to jump through a lot of hoops to get approved, but we finally did. You have to pretty much give your blood in order to get approved. Okay not really, but because I have two jobs it complicated things a little. I was stressed because we started getting our Dr. bills from our first appointments and I was not sure how we were going to pay them. We want to thank everyone that "made" us apply. I was afraid that I was just making WAY too much money. Apparenty not! Life is good and now we can get that big screen t.v. we've always wanted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Getting Bigger!!!

Okay so I have been loving life that I can still wear most of my clothes. I thought by now I would have just popped. I thought I was hiding it pretty well until I went to work and one of the secretaries said, "you're totally showing" I ran and looked in the mirror and I just look fat. I know I am totally in that awkward phase where people wonder if I am fat or pregnant. Oh well. Anyway after work I made Mindi take a picture of me so I could get a better view. I think the picture makes me look bigger than I am, but I'm still starting to show....barely! Ha Ha

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back to the Books

So we have been trying to enjoys our weekends as best we can during Chill's Psychiatry rotation. He's had every weekend off which has been really nice. He starts his next rotation on November 5th at Huntsman. He is going to be doing his Oncology rotation which he is really excited about. He'll be back on a crazy schedule again which is hard to get used to, but we survive. Because his rotation is almost over, he has been hitting the books again for his test that he has to take at the end of the week. We were able to go out with some friends Friday night to Rodizio Grill and then we headed up to Park City to watch Warren Miller's Playground. I had never seen a Warren Miller film before and I thought it was awesome. We had a great time and it was fun to be with our friends. On Saturday we relaxed most of the day and then I cleaned the house while he studied. He was very content sitting on the couch, studying while eating Dill Pickle Spitz. What more could a boy ask for. We didn't have plans Saturday night so we decided we'd spend it at Barnes and Noble. Chill really wanted to find a book he could read on Sunday afternoons. I spend most of my time looking at parenting books and what not and he spent his time looking for "the book" to read. Chill ended up with Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life by C.S. Lewis. That should keep him busy for maybe a day or two. I bought a book called The Preschooler's Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 3-6 Year Old Busy! It was on clearence so I thought I'd buy it. I won't be able to use it now, but it should come in handy down the road a few years. (Nat I got you a copy too) We had a great time and it was nice spending time together while we can.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I hate blogging!

So I have been experiencing a few technical difficulties with this stupid blogging stuff. I have been trying to change my template and every time I do, it erases something like my Family and Friends list, or just whatever it wants. I am not computer savy so I have no idea what is going on. I am not sure I am going to even try and be creative with my blog anymore and make it all cute because I get too frustrated and pretty soon I will not have a computer because I may throw it out the window. I may feel differently tomorrow about blogging but for now, I hate it!!!

P.S. Molly I will take this "tag" thing seriously when my blog and I are getting along better!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Only a few more weeks!

I just had to write and say that I love my two sisters Nat and Mindi and my favorite little niece Lexi. Nat, Jared, and Lexi live in Arizona and they are coming home the second week of November for the Holidays and boy am I excited. It's been a few months since I have seen them and I really miss them. I can't wait for all the girls to be back together again. I tried to work it out to go to Arizona to visit them but my crazy work schedule just wouldn't allow it. Man it is hard being the breadwinner! Thank heavens they will be home soon. I love you guys!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So my friend Molly Young invited me to the Jazz game last night. At first I told her no because I was already in my pajamas, but after I got off the phone Chill told me I should go and that it would be fun. I sent Molly a text to see if the offer was still there and sure enough it was. I threw on some jeans and a sweat shirt, jumped in the car and drove over to the Gateway. Molly let me park in their gated parking lot. Man she is living the life of luxary! Molly and I ran over to the Energy Solutions Arena and got to our seats on the 11th row just in time for half time. The game was great...or at least the parts we saw. We were kind of busy eating starbursts, J. Brooks Jewelers chocolates, and people watching. Every now and again we'd watch the game and clap and cheer. It was a lot of fun. Molly was trying hard to throw Deron Williams a chocolate because he is a frequent customer at J. Brooks. We left a few minutes before the game was over because Molly was meeting her husband for dinner. We figured the Jazz were going to lose anyway so we weren't missing much. It really was a fun night. I also saw my old roommate Haley that I haven't seen or talked to in over a year. Good Times!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

There's Hope!

This is the reason why I didn't want to start a blog. I knew I would be terrible at keeping my blog updated. After a sweet reminder from a few friends, I've decided it's time for an update. Now I know this picture does not look like much to any of you, but to me it shows progress. Chill has started working on our bathroom again. It was put on hold for many months due to Chill's crazy school schedule. He now has a little extra time and so he's back to work. We are hoping to have things done by Christmas. A little at a time :)

Life for Chill and I is going really well. He is doing his Psychiatry rotation right now and is really enjoying it. I think he likes the hours the best. He doesn't have to go in until around 9 a.m. and he gets off at 4 p.m. We actually get to hang out in the evenings. (When I'm not working) I am finally getting over the morning sickness. I actually went to the gym yesterday and today and it felt great. Chill is going hunting this weekend with his family and I am going to stay home and spend some time with my family and watch conference.